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Session: 12/Dec/2006

Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin
Entities: Johnakan Ur-El; Krisdal
Interlocutor: Fernando I.

Johnakan-Ur-El: Dear brothers, my name is Johnakan-Ur-El. I’m once again communicated with you through this vessel, which is my 10% embodied.
It's so hard to grasp the nature from the physical plane, the simple fact that a small orbital inclination of your world, you may have different temperatures in different parts of the world. You all are so fragile; you do not pay attention when one says that it is a miracle that you are living on this planet. Your atmosphere is so thin, so thin, that a few miles higher you could not survive, either due to the pressure or by the same temperature. I wish that with your entire spiritual concept you are aware of it.
As spirits we can embody in any world in this galaxy or other galaxies, but not due to attachment as your teachers or philosophers would say. The issue is different. The issue has to do with respect the short history you have. And you often do not respect, and you must know that respect is Love. You can ask questions.
Interlocutor: The question I wanted to ask you has to do with this topic, with nature in general. It is whether these meditations that I have in which a lot of people meditate, the fact of being together meditating Does it improve the power of meditation
Johnakan-Ur-El: No it does not help. You can meditate alone and the effect would be the same.
Interlocutor: Even at the same time?
Johnakan-Ur-El: It does boost while doing so. The human being has a mental decoder being incarnated, by using it in a positive way, the psychic energy can be sent and projected it. The fact that all of you at once, in “project” as if it were a ray of positive subtle energy frequency would be much more powerful because the scattered energies would  be together. That can be achieved when you're at miles away of distance combining the time zone. The it does not help being all together meditating. It helps when meditating at the same time, because if certain people are separated or dispersed, at different times it’s not the same.
Interlocutor: Then the fact of meditating in groups generates at least some responsibility by doing it all together...
Johnakan-Ur-El: but there is something good in doing it all together: although there is no real benefit, because if everyone does it on his own, from his own habitat and sends energy, and confirms that the time zone is the same, the effect will be the same. However the advantage of being all together is that all the 10%’s feel supported and backed, they feel like partners in the best sense of the word, (as if they have been there all at the same time with good intentions), then they will do it eagerly because they think-and this is not disrespectful to you all, "Well, now that I'm here, I have to do it." because being scattered, each from on his own is distracted, , because not everyone has the same ability to be concentrated. So, being in a place together it would be like an "obligation", and I put the word between quotation marks, in order to meditate. Do you understand the difference?
Interlocutor: Understood. It also generates a great feeling that although they are going separate ways they are looking for the same purpose right?
Johnakan-Ur-El: And that's good, that's good. For that reason I say if I have to respond from your point of view Is it the same meditating together or separately? Yes, if they do it at the same time. If they do not do it at the same time they lose power. However, power is not lost although they are separated if they combine the time zone. however the advantage you have and which is not technical, but conceptual, has to do with support, encouragement, while doing it together, the benefit is twofold because not only has the same power, but also they have what you would say the psychological support .
Interlocutor: Thank you. Do you have any advice to give me? I know you're not my personal advisor, but ...
Johnakan-Ur-El: One can always give guidance because somehow it serves to all that is added. All that we project, all that we want to perform, many times from the human point of view, there are several factors holding back, that delay or relegate projects. Let’s consider that on the physical plane human factors either on one part or another can work in favor or against you. It also depends on the willingness that each one set with optimism, with euphoria, with the objective to reach this goal. First, we must be convinced that what we do is good, and that the only consequence that can bring this act is being oneself. Your spoken language, and I have said it many times, is poor compared to the concept that we use. The word consequence is a word that I use cautiously for you, because it always involves: "Oh! Where am I getting into?" We always take the word ‘consequence’ as a negative ending or outcome, as if the outcome is going to be disastrous. Let's remove those preconceptions! Let’s think that we, as spirits or embodied beings, are going to do everything with a desire to excel in order to provide Service to others, and then there will always be positive consequences, and if sometimes the outcome is not as optimal as the one we hope for, we always see beyond the short advance. And if we see that at that time, the advance was poor, we always see the intention. Always holding firmly the attitude rather than the outcome. It is important that you hold the attitude.
I will give the floor to another entity called Krisdal. It is an Entity that using your language “overwhelms with its Light". The word overwhelms in your language is also misunderstood because it’s taken as astonishing. I could say that it dazzles not in the sense of letting you blind, but giving more Light or transmuting your vision.
Krisdal: what vibration so beautiful has this exalted master has left ! Mmhh, it smells like petals, because this Entity ...
Interlocultor: Are you Krisdal now?
Krisdal: I’m Krisdal. This entity who has recently being channeled, in turn has contacted with another Entity that leaves on the physical plane a scent of jasmine petals and leaves your ears like the sound of little bells ...
Interlocutor: Who is the other Entity?
Krisdal: It’s an Entity called Ma-Vie, who is in the plane 5 sublevel 9.
F.I.: Is that Entity related to Johnakan?
Krisdal: Not at this time in its embodied part, but it’s related in the work. It is an Entity who is studying on the physical plane, it’s physical person who is studying...
Interlocutor:  Is that Entity incarnated?
Krisdal: It’s embodied...
Interlocutor: And could we know who this person is?
Krisdal: It is embodied in a female person, who has problems with her family and she tries to solve them. She has nothing to do with this vessel or with you but her 10% is incarnated in Argentina, but she has no direct relationship with...
Interlocutor: Shouldn’t there be a relationship?
Krisdal: No, it’s independent. The important thing is the spiritual part, her 90% or Higher-self who works with much dedication to service, and the embodied part works with cancer patients. So it's commendable that. Her only “ballast” I understand that on the physical plane sometimes ballasts are meant to be lessons, one can never prejudge, the first thing I learned on this plane is to avoid prejudice , heh heh, I'm very happy to understand that sometimes ballasts also teach . Well, her only ballast at this moment is her family environment that does not allow her to exercise her work as she should.
Interlocutor: Can we help?
Krisdal: No, no, no. The 90% communicates perfectly with the 10% incarnated; she knows how to guide the embodied part and knows how to suggest her ideas. It was just a comment that the 90% has lot of shine...
InterlocutorI: And without knowing Jorge her Thetan is related to his Higher-self?
Krisdal: Yes, she is.
Interlocutor: And you are also related, your function is the femininity on planet earth, one of your duties?
Krisdal: Femininity, music, entirely feminine values. However what causality, see what causality. Before this channeling Johnakan had contacted with a race of beings similar to canaries in this world, but evolved with a mental decoder so conceptual. And these beings are similar to terrestrial humans, (at a conceptual level) but in the form of birds in their world, they are dedicated to perform philosophical music because their vocal cords are designed to sing more vocal octaves that terrestrial human being. And what has to do with me? music, music.
Interlocutor:  Krisdal, I have a question for you. I do not know if it's for you to tell me, but Have I damaged my feminine partner?
Krisdal: Yes, but it no longer has to do with engrams, is has to do with accepting that as embodied beings we do not have facets, but we have completeness. And sometimes as embodied beings, your roles make you pursue after each other, They make you believe so many questioning, in the feminine, in the masculine... and that hurts you all. In many sessions other Masters have talked about racism, they have spoken about segregation of races by the color of their skin, or other beings are alienated by their own religions. Sometimes also the feminine and masculine are segregated for cultural traditions. The human being is wholeness incarnated, in the same way that the spirit is completeness. It’s regrettable, sad and pitiful right? that each embodied being is excluded from enjoying the fullness. Sometimes one as spirit visualizes incarnated beings suffering from its own concept, seeing how each one is dissipated into different parts, In the male many feminine things are sublimated and he doesn’t have them, In the female part the masculine part empowers her with practicality, endurance, power, just like the female part in the male gives him sensitivity, empowering him his senses, to perceive things in a more elevated way.
Interlocutor: That's what I failed to notice.
Krisdal: And I speak this from the spiritual point of view, from the spiritual planes there are no males or females. Those are roles exclusively physical roles from which we also learn. We learn. But it is very simple, to apply it, to study it. Sometimes to realize definitive awareness on how to apply what was not applied, one spirit embodies studying directly the opposite sex.
Interlocutor: Do you see, for example, that I am freer in my power? Is it OK what I am doing now?
Krisdal: Your energy is still contained until you don’t release of all the fullness of your total being. As long as you have your total being scattered in different roles and some roles are more permissive than others. You will always have contentions. The hold back will create disturbances in your decoder.
Interlocutor: Do you mean to the roles of ego, that I have? Having not integrated Those roles of ego can provoke these disorders?
Krisdal: Those are roles of ego that somehow can be integrated and then they are disintegrated again.
Interlocutor: Ah! Sometimes they are integrated and then they are disintegrated.
Krisdal: Sure, because even when some roles of ego integrated, if you do not understand the fullness of your being...
Interlocutor: Let's see, we will give a practical example. An integrated role, for example, I have obviously a  political path and then I don’t have a good achievement ...
Krisdal: is relative, it is relative.
Interlocutor: Does that mean integration of the ego?
Krisdal: Not necessarily, it would be a change concept. Because while you are incarnated you can integrate a role, but if a certain thing dislikes you like an attitude of a human being or the taste of a meal, you will not change although you integrate a role, because it would be like forcing what is not. From my point of view I humbly ask the help of Johnakan, who helps me to conceptualize this, because he is the creator of Psychointegration, then he helps me a lot. Centuries ago he wrote a very beautiful verse embodied as St. John of the Cross, where there is a great spiritual conversion in the "dark night of the soul", and I take from those writings. Even with the fullness of being, and loving to that beautiful being, our Creator, our Father, that does not mean that we accept from within ourselves the negative things. As a Spirit of Light, I can see from above the wars on this planet and I assure you that I will not be condescending dear brother. With this example I mean that I can have my ego integrated, but I won’t accept the negative things. We must learn to say no.
Interlocutor: What is the key word for me to fully understand the concept of integration?
Krisdal: Integration of the roles, according to Johnakan, means to have central ‘self’ completely depersonalized where the 10% becomes a pure incarnated spirit, a spirit that is free letting itself flow. However, letting yourself flow does not mean accepting everything, it means not being coerced, not chasing everything, Johnakan always says. Do not believe (being embodied), that we are children who are constantly taking tests and being examined through every attitude, otherwise your life would become in what you call hell. Be more benign with every attitude you have.
Interlocutor: Well, I thank you very much on all this. Now, one last thing since Johnakan was talking about it. I know I'm not a Master, at least I think I am still in a plane of error and I do not know if I should or I can make the decision to give advice. But I gave Jorge an advice to write more, for example to rewrite the Gospel of St. John. I do not know if ... I would like him to do it, but what is your response on this?
Krisdal: My answer is I do not know if it's right for me to say it, this phrase translated to spoken language can be misinterpreted, but we as Masters are enthusiastic with that project. Many people on the physical plane can interpret this enthusiasm as a role of ego. It’s not so. Therefore I say "do not be slaves of words." Sometimes you have to learn and I know that you can do that, anf this vessel can also do this, taking over the ideas, not so much the words, but the ideas. I know human beings who just by looking at each other do not know what the other thinks because there is no telepathy on the physical plane, however they can know that intention, what they feel, what they want. It's beautiful, it's beautiful. Two human beings can hold their hands, and without speaking they know what they want, what they desire. It's very, very important. Of course we're excited about this project and I'm sure that this vessel is going to do it.
Interlocutor: Ah well, I thought it was an idea that you gave nothing more...
Krisdal: It's a beautiful idea, a beautiful idea because misunderstandings by incomplete or changed writings, can lead to large mistakes. Let's give the floor to another entity.
Interlocutor: If you want to or we can call my thetan to make a Psychoauditing session, right?
Krisdal: Okay, leaving five minutes to this vessel to rest. LIGHT AND MUSIC, LIGHT AND MUSIC, LIGHT AND MUSIC.
Interlocutor: Now he can rest....Did he give you energy or you are exhausted
Jorge Olguin: It gave me energy.
Interlocutor: Ah, because Krisdal said that before the auditing you can rest five minutes.
Jorge Olguin: Yes, but it gave me energy, it gave me lots of energy. Wow!

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