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By Jorge Raul Olguin
In the true spiritual pathway we all have a guide and that guide is balance.
Traditional religions have taught us that spirituality was at odds with the material world, creating in us continuously guilt complexes and various traumas whenever we tried to be a little happier.
They taught us that flogging was necessary to please God and they said to us that fasting was very important to "cleanse our sins."
Nobody said anything about Service. Nobody mentioned altruism. Nobody told us that in order to please God only loving our neighbors was enough.
They taught us the penance, but not the pathway. They showed us the alleged guilt or sin, but not the remedy.
They subjected us to a vengeful and intolerant god, preventing us that we know the true picture of the Absolute, who is all Love
And so we lost balance and we had no guidance to reach the Light.
And they took over two extremes: On one hand, licentiousness, which has no limits and on the other hand, Puritanism, which pointed out every material act as impure.
Many ages passed and they kept instilling in us erroneous beliefs. At the present moment this imbalance persists.
The average person doesn’t ignore that licentiousness is completely away from the Light. However, most people don’t think the same about puritanism. They believe that being puritanical is synonymous of goodness. People do not know that this behavior smothers creativity, they ignore that it condemns Love. In general, puritanical people live with prejudice and guilt complexes. And, in turn, they try to transfer the blame to others.
Many people do not know that Puritanism is like distilled water, which is not drinkable.
However, there is another form of Puritanism, which I witnessed myself many years ago.
I used to live so intensely the spiritual life that I was even bothered by eating.
I was in my office, writing a letter, and I looked at my watch seeing that it was past noon, I sulked because I knew that I had to eat lunch and I didn’t really want to eat. I reluctantly had to eat lunch and I questioned God for creating us with so many material dependencies.
Once, in my first year of transpersonal psychology, I told my teacher that I had read a book about narcissism. It said that the spirit is like the horseman and the body like the horse. And the rider was brushing the horse just enough so that it could fulfill its function.
My teacher told me that the idea was not wrong, as long as the balance was respected.
And she made a comparison: - Let’s suppose that the spirit is the horseman, who is riding the horse (body) in the Arizona desert. And he forgot to give water and food to the horse in the last village. Suddenly the horse dies 50 miles before reaching the next town and there is a temperature of 55 ÂșC. How will the horseman manage to cross the desert without the horse?
How will the spirit manage to learn a lesson of life without a body to live in?
The body (the horse) must be taken care of, not only to supply its basic needs, but also to provide satisfaction. Otherwise, the horse may deteriorate and, most importantly, the spirit (the rider) will be "contaminated" due to the deterioration and his "feeling" can be lethargic.
Joy is not incompatible with spirituality, as long as we do not hurt the sensitivity of others, or we break the balance that we talked about at the beginning.
The real sin is not to eat, drink or to have sex, but to ignore or disregard our neighbors.
There is no need to be a spiritual therapist to help a blind man to cross the street.
Whenever I walk down the street and I look at a blind man on the corner, I get the feeling that the man is invisible because housewives, schoolchildren, workers, clerks and many more people pass by without asking if he’s going to cross. Then, I wonder who the real blind person is.
I approach the blind man and I ask him to take my arm, I help him to cross the street and I feel a huge joy for being helpful in what many people would call "a trifle".
You all should know that Service is not only donating a MRI machine to a public hospital because with this criterion, very few people would be helpful. Little things make big things... let's do them.
In the true spiritual pathway we have a guide and that guide is balance. So, lets’ give the material aid to the horse so that it doesn’t abandon us in the middle of the road and let’s’ offer the rider spiritual aid so that it can ride the horse.

Session with Johnakan Ur-El and Mavie two spiritual entities of the plane 5.9

Johnakan: Although it was said that one forgives from prejudice, sometimes there are people who should forgive themselves for negative things they did or positive things they did not dare to do. But ... Forgive? From where? Because forgiveness seems like a concession. Wouldn’t it be better called reconciliation?
Mavie: That is correct ... because forgiveness is vertical and reconciliation is horizontal. From where one forgives? From prejudice?
Reconciliation comes from within the Self and so it has the authenticity of Love
Johnakan: I want to approach the topic related to personal love because many times I did not reconcile with it, in pursuit of impersonal Love.
Mavie: We should not leave aside the personal love in this physical world. That Love interacts with the physical senses. Didn’t it happen to your embodied part that he perceived the scent of sandalwood without physical smell?
Johnakan: Yes…
Mavie: ... and Didn’t you hear bells in various tones, like little bells that chimed with different sounds?
Johnakan: Yes...
Mavie: Personal Love is stronger than what we think... let’s not be so foolish to think that we are more than the Absolute... Any Master wondered why God make us incarnate? ... Because He could have make us learn the karmic lessons in the various spiritual planes... Sure, many people will say that the attachment to the "real world" is the root of suffering, but... What is the real world? Because if a spirit of error of the plane 2 never embodied, for that spirit the real world is going to be the plane 2... And it will generate its attachments in it, it will feel its fears there... Sure, it may not feel physical desires, but since it will not know, they will be replaced by others created by its reactive mind...
Johnakan: It’s true ... then... Why do we incarnate?
Mavie: Because it is in the physical world that we perceive personal Love... and it doesn’t matter how ephemeral it is, but how powerful it is.
Remember that in a second many things can happen that might not happen in a year... or even in an entire lifetime.
Personal love transports us, it generates endorphins, it transforms us, it elevates us... and although many people deny it, it’s part of God...
Johnakan: I understand...
Mavie: How's your embodied part?
Johnakan: He is aiming to that...
Mavie: Mine too... and I laugh in a conceptual way because you call the physical part "The Horse” and it's funny... Remember this aphorism: "You can only perceive the rider completely if you have an unconditional surrender of your horse".
Johnakan: I will keep this dialogue so that, regardless of our personal decisions, it transcends for those who have trouble reconciling flesh and spirit.

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