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“Words have no power over us.”
Are you easily offended by people's bad remarks towards you?
Why do many people get so easily offended?
Browsing many pages and forums through the internet, I could find the following sentences that perhaps will help you understand the “Unreal power of words.”
- “I’m offended by people throwing the word ‘retarded’ around. I hate it. It just makes you sound rude and ignorant.”
- “I hate when people refer to short people as ‘midgets’. Often it is meant in a derogatory sense, and it makes them sound like jerks.”
- “Honestly, I'm offended quite easily towards things that are directed at me. Even if it's a joke, it's not nice and you should never joke about something like that. ‘You're so fat.’ Even saying that to someone skinny, and obviously so, can be offensive.”
- “I'm also incredibly offended by the ‘F’ word, which is the worst word in the history of the English language.
- “I’m also offended by using ‘fag’ as an adjective directed towards something stupid, or even as a noun describing a homosexual.”
These are just some examples of what many people consider demeaning words. However, according to the Teachings of the Masters of Light, Words have no power over us. The Masters of Light teach us how to become balanced people. One of the teachings is: “Do not react at words” because words have no power over you. It’s you the one who gives power to the words. In fact, we don’t have the power to hurt with words (no one has it).
Let’s keep in mind that the more susceptible a person is, the weaker will be. The purpose of this teaching is to make you stronger. And a strong person does not give power to nobody. All you have to do is to take control of yourself and regain the power you have given to others. I, as a teacher, will feel satisfied when I see that nothing said to you, in a scornful way, makes you react. If you don’t learn this lesson first, you won’t be able to grasp the deepest teachings of the Masters of Light.
Finally, there is well-known and simple quote that sums up what I said: “Stick and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”
A strong and genuine hug to you all.

Spiteful words CANNOT harm you unless you fall prey to your ego.
Message from Johnakan Ur-El:
Dear brothers, we must love each other and this is only achieved by not being susceptible, by not getting mad at each other; That nothing hurts you because the only thing that is really hurt is your ego. The spirit is never hurt.
Let me give you a metaphorical example: What would you say if a 5-year-old boy insults you? Obviously you would say: “- He is a child."
A person who loses control, due to the arrogance of his/her ego is a creature, who cannot hurt a person who is at a higher level. If a person, who is at a higher level is offended, it’s because that person is being manipulated by his/her own ego.
Fictitious power of words. Gr. Elron: (*)Unreal authority given to certain words that alter our mood. It’s a made up authority because words have no power over us, unless we ourselves decide to give that power. Just to prove that words have no power, it’s enough to yell at a tiny grain of sand "Move!" and the grain of sand will not even move a millionth of an inch.
No word has power to disturb you, unless you yourself give that power. And if we have given the power to certain words so that they bother us, the only alternative left is to remove the power that we ourselves have given. What could be more paradoxical that to give power to certain words just to be annoyed and then blame the person who said those words?
Reading again the first paragraph you will now understand that people, who are easily offended, take into account seriously what other people think about them, in other words, they want to be accepted as if seeking recognition from other people, and that’s ego. Whenever people tell me that I’m old, I say to them: “Well, I just left my cane at the door let me grab it and we’ll see” (laughing).
Sometimes, we are unable to mention anything about other people’s appearance because many of them usually take it as an offense and respond: “What? Is there something wrong with my face?” Then, it’s really hard to find people capable to laugh at themselves. However, If you are capable to laugh at yourself that’s a good symptom that you are free from roles of ego. There is a total detachment from ego when one is capable to laugh at oneself. On the other hand, If nobody is offended around you, you can speak freely and that’s’ the freedom that ego doesn’t give. Let’s remember that only egotistical people are easily offended.
Once again, Imagine that a 3-year-old boy sticks out his tongue at you with contempt, Obviously you would say: “He’s a child, he doesn’t know what he is doing” and immediately you will understand and tolerate his misbehavior because a child usually is reactive and mischievous.
Now I will ask you: What would be the difference if a grownup does the same thing at you? Will you understand the 3-year-old boy, but you will be offended if an adult person insults you?
In the end, we all must understand that a reactive person, who insults or curses, is also a child- spiritually speaking- Am I supposed to stoop down at his/her level? Is it really hard to understand that a “verbal offense” only takes place if one has a swollen ego?
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