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Many things have been said about falling in love, in particular when separating from love. On this topic virtually all experts have agreed: Being in love is not the same thing as feeling love.
To avoid confusion from the beginning, let’s clarify that falling in love has no real basis because it’s an unpredictable and random phenomenon that happens to us all because we all create preferences based on an ideal person in an unconscious way throughout our lives and over time it becomes more solid.
When the accumulation of preferences is perceived in a particular enamored person, an emotional impact occurs, an indescribable feeling of happiness, to the point of causing physiological changes in the physical body.
Then, an intense desire for intimacy with that person appears, willingness to have that person closer, to touch her, to hug her or to have sex with her, there is an intense desire for reciprocity so that the beloved person feels the same thing as we do, which also creates at the same time an intense fear of rejection.
The enamored person loses his/her concentration in his/her everyday tasks because of the frequent and uncontrollable thoughts about the loved one, this also happens during the presence, real or imaginary of the beloved person, a strong physiological arousal that involves nervousness, rapid heartbeat, a hypersensitivity to the wishes and needs the beloved person might have and we want to satisfy.
Perhaps the most striking feeling would be a hyper idealization that makes us perceive only the positive features of the person we have a crush on.
Does being in love have no value? The obvious answer is: it would have value if it lasted, which in the vast majority of the cases doesn’t happen because several characteristics about the person we fell in love with changed over time, following a painful feeling of frustration.
There are endless reasons of why we fall in love and the fact is that when these causes change, the infatuation ends.
This does not necessarily mean that after we fall out of love we can’t love that person we fell in love with again.
Similarly, In this sense it has been said, not unreasonably, that when love begins, infatuation ends (Erich Fromm).
Perhaps we might say, more accurately- that in order to know whether we love for sure the person we fell in love with, we must first stop being in love with that person.
One of the biggest problems about infatuation is that only in very few cases is reciprocal. We usually fall in love with someone who doesn’t want to know about us.
Probably one of the biggest frustrations one could have, as a human being, is the unrequited love.
When one doesn’t know the truth about falling in love, It’s difficult to understand why the beloved person does not feel the same feeling we do.
How do we know the difference between love and infatuation? The only way is by realizing that if we are dazzled by somebody we don’t know, there can be a trap in our senses, and this has nothing to do with love because love involves knowledge of the loved one and nobody loves somebody who doesn’t know.
In addition, infatuation disappears with the same speed with which it arrived, leaving serious consequences of pain and frustration which are very difficult to overcome.
In short, since infatuation clouds our reason, if we know the real causes of falling in love, we will have the best tool to deal with it.

Medium: Jorge Olguin.

Entity that came to dialogue: Radael
Interlocutor: Could you explain the feeling of falling in love when we are incarnated? I've experienced it more than once mostly with a woman called Mariana...
Radael: Falling in love can be sometimes stronger than the love of a partner, and it keeps being a personal love... Falling in love is an acknowledgement that would not be essentially by sight, not even with the physical senses... It is the recognition of vibration between two people... For example, you might feel suddenly an attraction to another person and you don’t find an explanation of why you feel it, but it’s because you vibrate in syntony with that person.
Interlocutor: Does my 10% vibrate in syntony with another person’s 10%?
Radael: That's right...
Interlocutor: Does physical attractiveness have also some effect?
Radael: Probably yes, because falling in love also happens at first sight... however, more than sight it has to do with the auric vibration, and I will tell you why... if you, as a man, suddenly see a pretty girl, a very attractive model, you could say: “Oh! How beautiful she is!” and that would be everything.
However, you may also see someone who suddenly appears in front of you and you could be totally dazzled, so greatly dazzled that even your mind could be clouded- I put it in terms of the physical plane so that you understand me- and you don’t know that it’s due to the similar auric vibration...
Interlocutor: Then, falling in love has nothing to do with soul mates?
Radael: Soul mates, in fact, have a full auric vibration, 10% and 90%... Not always the auric vibration has to be from a soul mate or twin soul, and it was already mentioned before that soul mates not always vibrate in the same spiritual plane.
For instance, you can be in the plane 4 and you could have a soul mate in the plane 3, because it vibrates in your syntony, but your soul mate simply lowered of plane due to a certain experience on the physical plane... And yet, both of you are vibrating in the same syntony.
Interlocutor: Does that mean that my infatuation with Mariana…?
Radael: Simply, you both were vibrating in the same syntony...
Interlocutor: The thing is that she did not recognize it; at least I believe that not in this universe, I don’t know about other alternate universes.
Radael: She did not recognize it because there are people who have a blindfold in their eyes and they don’t recognize the vibrations...
Interlocutor: Not everyone recognizes the similar vibrations?
Radael: No, not everyone.
Interlocutor: Isn’t there influence in that infatuation from past lives, where they have been together?
Radael: Sometimes yes and sometimes no, it depends... There are times when you see somebody and you feel an innate appreciation for her and you think you know her from somewhere without being able to pinpoint where. This means that in a previous life you both could have had happy moments together.
You know that Johnakan has said it many times that there are no karmic ties, neither for nor against... I mean, if someone scams you, this person will not embody with you in order to reverse that fact. And in the same way, if in a previous life you loved somebody, it doesn’t mean that you will have to love the same person in this life...
However, sometimes it happens that in another incarnation both spirits can coincide and they recognize each other, but they do not know why...
Interlocutor: Well, on one hand there is Mariana’s 10%, on the other hand my 10%, we both disembody- that is, we are 100% spirits again. How do we perceive each other?
Radael: In the spiritual planes there is no such thing of falling in love because infatuation involves the auric vibration and the aura is physical, because it doesn’t stop being an energy that surrounds your body...
I repeat, in the spiritual planes there is no infatuation and once a person disembodies he/she directly moves on to the impersonal love because there is no physical attraction in the superphysical planes.
Falling in love may also have influence with physical attraction, having a fondness for another person, a great affinity, a need to embrace that person... On the other hand, as I said before, falling in love may raise you up...
Interlocutor: How do you, as a 90%, perceive at this time the 90% of Mariana?
Radael: With a lot of confusion, it doesn’t have the things worked out...
Interlocutor: And from the standpoint of vibration?
Radael: Right now it’s not vibrating in my syntony, because I perceive it again, with a lot of confusion...
Interlocutor: That was the question really... I mean, everything I felt for the 10% of Mariana, when I disembody, Will it disappear completely or will it become something else?
Radael: Surely you will feel a tremendous impersonal love, but without a body and, not being energy, your concept will change, because you'll be part of me and I’ll be in you...
The thing is that at this moment your concept is anthropomorphic, your concept is human, at the moment of disincarnation, the role of Mariana will cease to exist as human and then that feeling of being enamored will disappear as well...
Interlocutor: It’s very clear and I will end this topic, not without remarking that it makes me feel some "anthropomorphic" sadness, figuratively speaking...
Knowing so many things that I previously didn’t know at some point makes me feel disappointed that one no longer sees things as one used to see them before. I mean, the knowledge of the roles, the unreality of the physical plane with regard to the spiritual world, and all those things.
We could say that there is some disenchantment when one knows certain things that one would rather ignore being incarnated. You understand well what I mean...
Radael: For that reason the wisdom of Eon gave the guideline to Elohim in order to avoid reincarnative memory in the embodied spirits...
Interlocutor: The reasons are pretty obvious...
Radael: Before I leave this vessel rest, I want to emphasize that falling in love is stronger than personal love itself. Personal love does not mean being in love and it does not have to do with impersonal love either, and that is directly because someone perceives a similar syntony from another person.
Being in love means being dazzled by the other person, but that is because they vibrate in the same syntony, I repeat once again, due to similar vibration in both parts...
Unfortunately not everyone has in its 10% that vibration with another person, and I say unfortunately because this vibration helps those who have the same vibrations...
Interlocutor: Now that the session ends, I'm going to look for Mariana and the hell with the mission! (laughs)...
Radael: No, please! Where would I stand on, then? (Laughs)... So long, 
Interlocutor: So Long, Radael, we’ll continue in a next session.
Medium: Jorge Olguin.

Entity that came to dialogue: Radael
Interlocutor: Hi, Radael. Are you already there?
Radael: Here I am.
Interlocutor: As you know, this is a psychoauditing session, right?
Radael: Not necessarily because people would understand that there are engrams left at DNA level, and there is none. The previous Psichoauditing removed all engrams, conceptual and physical engrams. Therefore, we wouldn’t call it Psychoauditing. However, I do have layouts, but I don’t consider them engramic.
Interlocutor: Do these layouts you talked about cause any discomfort or problems in me, for example, a headache?
Radael: I don’t consider them engramic, but if I, as a Thetan, directly or indirectly have concerns, I can transmit them to your unconscious mind, and maybe they can affect you.
Interlocutor: From your point of view, Am I currently affected?
Radael: Uneasiness may become manifested or not.
Interlocutor: Right now, How am I?
Radael: Moderately well.
Interlocutor: Is it due to these uncertainties?
Radael: Uncertainty has to do with clarifying what other Masters have said about emotions and feelings. It was always said, and Johnakan said it as well- that love is a feeling. When we speak about love, we refer to the spiritual Love, to which you call “impersonal Love” in the physical plane; this love is the one that gives.
Johnakan explained that personal love, the love you have for your wife, husband, children, parents, friends, etc. is fueled by feeling in a 50% and emotion in another 50%.
Interlocutor: Are you talking about the layout you want to make?
Radael: Yes.
Interlocutor: Okay. Go ahead, then.
Radael: When Johnakan says "half from feeling and half from emotion" I interpret it as a way to say it because there are personal loves that are fueled by emotion in a 70% and 30% by feeling. Emotion is not a feeling, but an impulsive state of the reactive mind. Then, the emotion makes that love becomes jealous, possessive, egotistical, manipulative, a love that discriminates and hurts, a love very attached to prejudice.
There is something that happens in the physical plane, but it doesn’t happen in the spiritual plane with regard to love, and that is what some psychologists call "infatuation." I know positively that in the physical plane there is infatuation, which is stronger than love.
Interlocutor: That would be another thing.
Radael: Long ago, Johnakan conceptually transmitted to me that falling in love does not require an intimate knowledge of the other person. That is, you can fall in love with a figure, with a manner of speaking, with a way to express, a way of being, a way of singing, a way of dancing, etc.
Interlocutor: Or perhaps we can fall in love with all these things together.
Radael: And all these things together, although I don’t interpret it as love. Personal love involves the knowledge of the beloved person, her customs, manners, etc. It’s not true that personal love, over time, becomes a routine. If that happens it’s because one of the two changed. And although in many of your self-help workshops they explain that sometimes the changes are harmful, the fact of raising one up your inner self is a change, which is why many people say after years: "This is not the person I started a romance with" or "the person has changed," when in fact it’s one who has changed.
Interlocutor: I have a question. Is falling in love a relationship between both 10%’s?
Radael: Only between the two 10%’s. It has nothing to do with the spiritual part. On the physical plane you can fall in love with a silhouette, a character, a glance, a song, etc. However, in the spiritual planes there is no falling in love.
Interlocutor. Does falling in love can only be unilateral or bilateral?
Radael: Unfortunately, most of the times it’s an unrequited love- that is unilateral. If the person who is in love, due to roles of ego, is diffident or shy, perhaps the other person won’t even notice that someone is feeling that infatuation, either as a man to a woman or as a woman to a man.
Interlocutor: Okay. Has it nothing to do with the vibrational issue of the 10%’s that coincide?
Radael: Sometimes it has to do with the vibrations, but not necessarily.
Interlocutor: Not necessarily?
Radael: No. I want to say something very important: 90% of the poems written by great poets and poetesses are due to infatuation, not love. And I’m sure of what I say. Hardly there are poems about love. The famous story of Romeo and Juliet was an infatuation, like the story of Tristan and Isolde. And the feeling Othello had was an unhealthy infatuation, where third parties fueled up in him egotistical jealousy.
Interlocutor: Is there a relationship with being in love, reactive mind and engrams? Can engrams also have influence?
Radael: They can influence. However, even not having engrams I dare say that there are people on the physical plane who don’t have engrams, but they became enamored. You, as my 10%, at some point were in love.
Interlocutor: Yes, and very deeply.
Radael: I can assure you that yours was not love, but infatuation. And you can attest that what I say is true because there is no love so strong than the infatuation you have felt, leaving aside the love for children, grandchildren, etc. because that’s another kind of love.
Interlocutor: No. And we can say the woman’s name because I already talked about her, Mariana. Was there a relationship with the infatuation we had in the past?
Radael: Not necessarily. Sometimes a figure or a glance can influence. There is no logical explanation for falling in love, because as I said before, one doesn’t known deeply that person, I mean, you might fall in love with a silhouette or a body movement, a tone of voice, etc. If you look back retrospectively inside yourself and you think about the reason you fell in love with her, I assure you that you won’t find it.
Interlocutor: I’ll give an example that comes to my mind at this moment: when I sign, I do it in a certain way and my signature is the outcome of many factors that influenced that signature. And one signs in a way that no one else’s can.
Radael: Even in the way you move your hands and fingers.
Interlocutor: So, I guess that falling in love is a kind of combination of many factors that suddenly "coincide" with a certain woman that brings all these factors, just like the example I gave with my signature.
Radael: Correct. I disagree with those "experts" on the physical plane who say that love lasts and falling in love dies out. There are infatuations that last for years. And in many cases, if that infatuation is consummated in the physical act of love, two things could happen: whether it becomes into a mutual love or it becomes into a disappointment because, sometimes, love can be part of a whim, such as: "I want to know... "," I would like to kiss…. "," I want to hug... "," I would like to get close to... ".
Interlocutor: For example, I used to have a vertical writing before and then, suddenly, I began writing in Italics. Then, there was a change in my signature. Perhaps there were other factors that made me write in italics. I guess that there are other factors that made me stop being in love.
Radael: Falling in love lasts for a long time, but it can die out over time when there is no contact. When having physical contact, falling in love changes, whether to deepen it or to fade it away.
Interlocutor: If I ran into Mariana after so many years, you know, she is no longer a 20-year-old girl, but a woman of forty or fifty years old. Would that enrapture I had with her no longer exist because the factors that made me fall in love with her changed?
Radael: I was going to talk about that. When you see an actress in a movie, you might feel a crush on her, but if you see the same actress thirty years later you would feel a kind of disenchantment. It’s logical because you could have fallen in love with a voice, a figure, a silhouette, a personality and, with the passing of time, she no longer has that silhouette, her character changed, her voice has changed and her face is not the same, and so on.
Interlocutor: Of course, there's a practical effect.
Radael: And you don’t have that crush on her anymore.
Interlocutor: The first time I fell in love was with a very famous actress in Argentina, and many people also fell in love with her. I was ten years old and she, in the film, was about sixteen or seventeen years old. I felt that I was floating in the air. Many years later I wondered how I could have fallen in love with her since I don’t feel anything for her. You know what I mean.
Radael: Of course. I'm in your mind.
Interlocutor: Perfect. Sometimes I have a recurring dream: I ran into Mariana and, for whatever reason, She gets away and I cannot find her anymore. Is there any engram behind that dream?
Radael: No. It's something simpler. Remember that a spirit can incarnate up until 30%. Well, there is a 10% of our spirit in an alternate universe living with Mariana. I have the same connection with "H 2" as well as with you, "H 1". Obviously, part of that connection is filtered through you because we are one spirit.
Interlocutor: Ah, it comes from that part! Is there another 10%, living with Mariana too?
Radael: Let’s not complicate things; we’re going to leave it for a next session. Your mind plays tricks on you and your mental decoder filters and distorts the image from that alternate world and for that reason you have those dreams. Your mental decoder plays with your neuronal memory, the hippocampus of your decoder plays a trick on you because the "Mariana" who lives with "H 2" is not the one that your neuronal package reminds you, since you don’t read it through my concept.
At this moment, my concept as a Thetan has the real image, an accurate figure of how "Mariana” is today, but with all your insight and discernment you could not perceive her as she is now because you would be blinded, it would be as if you were staring at the sun for a minute and then you wanted to enter into a dark place. What I mean is that your memory about “Mariana" prevents you from perceiving the real person she is. Is that clear?
Interlocutor: That’s clear. If I were to find "Mariana” with all the knowledge I have, I wouldn’t feel anything would I?
Radael: You wouldn’t feel a thing, as you say in the physical plane. Perhaps you would feel some anguish...
Interlocutor: Due to what she was?
Radael: Due to what she wasn’t. And the anxiety will affect you because you’d say: "What happened to her?" It's funny because nothing happened to her, but the time passed by. We all age, and it happened to you too, you've ran into people after many years and you have felt a strange impression like: "Oh! Half a century has passed over her." And maybe that person thinks the same thing about you.
Will you allow me to copy a joke at Ruanel’s style?
Interlocutor: Yes
Radael: There was a middle-aged flirtatious lady, who always used skin beauty creams and she had a physical problem and then she went to a certain doctor. She saw this doctor and his face looked familiar to her, although he looked completely bald, with glasses, many wrinkles, etc. And when she looked at one of the diplomas on the wall, she read his last name and then she said:
- Are you Johnny?
- Ah! Were you in the second grade from this school?
- Yes!
- Wow, how time flies! I almost did not recognize you!
- Were you in this school? -The doctor said to the lady.
- Of course, I was in that school!
- Were you a teacher at this school?
Interlocutor: Ha, Ha, Ha!
Radael: Do you understand what I mean?
Interlocutor: Perfectly!
Radael: Notice the impression the doctor had of this woman... Can you imagine what the woman felt? At that moment she would have wanted to disappear into the ground!
Interlocutor: I once ran into a girl I liked a lot at a meeting with other people and she told me: - I was madly in love with you! What a fool I was, I didn’t notice that! Back then I would have taken the chance, but I never knew that. And she was surprised that she didn’t see what she saw in me back then. This gives the idea of what you're saying.
Radael: On the physical plane we fall in love with a role because we don’t see the deeper part- that is, we don’t’ know the other person’s customs, her daily living...
Interlocutor: That’s clear. I have another recurring dream in which, curiously, I have no job. Then, when I wake up, I take some time to realize that I have a job. The question is whether this dream also comes from some alternate universe.
Radael: Yes.
Interlocutor: In an alternate universe I'm not working or I have little work?
Radael: With little work. I insist: the hippocampus plays tricks on your mental decoder because not only separates the ideas that I can send to you, but also it distorts them. And it may be that in that alternate universe you have some ups and downs in you work just to stay afloat and in those recurring dreams you may not and perhaps you feel that sometimes you are in a state of misery economically speaking.
When you wake up and remember the dream separate it from your mind and realize that it was a dream. In this way you will not attract negative vibrations because sometimes you may unconsciously attract them. The negative vibrations from third parties or your own vibes may affect us in our projects.
Interlocutor: Okay. Now I want to address an issue related to this motto, Socrates said: "Know thyself and the truth shall make you free." Truth, on the one hand, sets you free, but on the other hand it causes you sadness. For example, one begins to understand the reality of the roles, In short, not everything is real. I mean It's real but it’s not real. I don’t know if you understand what I mean...
Radael: I’ll extend the idea with what the dear brother Tar said -this is his real name, the one who incarnated as Thoth, Hermes Trismegistus: “Having a greater understanding of ourselves and others sometimes leaves us in a stage of vacuum because we feel that this wasn’t really the famous fairy tale they said to us when we were children.” It's as if you look for the house up in the tree, or the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow or Santa Claus and then you realize that everything was unreal, causing you a kind of frustration.
Interlocutor: Exactly.
Radael: Just accept it and that vacuum will become into emptiness. There is a difference between these two terms: vacuum is when you feel incomplete, and emptiness is when you empty your mind from preconceptions and reality no longer hurts you because you understand it and you embrace it. However, by embracing and understanding that emptiness you also grasp that the real world is much more than fantasy because it embraces the general concept of the Father, and that it’s even more beautiful.
Returning to the topic, falling in love is wonderful.
Interlocutor: It’s a nice feeling.
Radael: It's nice, but it leaves you like that child who puts his nose against the glass and watches the spinning rotisserie chicken while it makes his mouth water... and he can’t eat it. Then, falling in love produces a feeling of happiness, enjoyment, anguish and distress, all mixed up, it’s as if someone served a cocktail at the bar, and the drink can be tough...
I wanted to approach this topic because it was something not completely closed, it opened my eyes enough. And in order to not abuse from this vessel, I leave.
Interlocutor: Okay. Radael, will there be a new session?
Radael: We’ll see. So long.
Interlocutor: So long.

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