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Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin

Entity that came to dialogue: Albert’s Thetan.

Thetan: I am glad to be here with you again. I am honored, as a thetan, because I perceive conceptually many Entities of Light, the Master Johnakan Ur-El, the Higher-Self of this vessel, the Master Jesus, the Master Kether (the Ancient of Days), the medical Master Durval, and the musical Master Krisdal.

Surely these Masters have come, not only to witness the session, at a conceptual level, but also due to the fact that because of my cooperation, my joyful cooperation with them, I am currently in the spiritual plane 5.1. The vibrational plane 5 sub-level 1 and I feel very happy thanks to the Creator that I love. And this joy of being able to serve, which prevents that the roles of ego exist in me, and I convey this very strength to my 10% incarnated. With everything he plans to do in his daily life; that is to grow based in service.

The most important thing is to have, between my 10% and me, his 90%, a good communication. My 10% must understand that when we don’t have a medium to channel me, the best way to communicate with me is to let his mind opened, and grasp what one would understand as suggestion, which in fact is not the exact word of what I want to express.

When the Thetan communicates with the 10% incarnated, it doesn’t do it through whispers in the ear, as you all could do it. The Thetan communicates through ideas that are conveyed to the body of ideas or causal body, The thetan brings Love through the causal body, fraternization, and above all things transmits violet light to the mental decoder in order to transmute all negative things, so that it stays like an aftertaste, and somehow he can understand more my mental concept.

I must admit that the contact between the 10% incarnated and the 90% non-incarnated is always limited. First and foremost because the incarnated part is immersed in the physical plane, and just like you are dazzled with a bright light and for some time your eyes are blinded and cannot see a normal image, your mind is deafened by the noise of the physical plane. Because always, even the smaller whisper, will block up the conceptual idea that we want to convey. So one must be very subtle, to listen, to perceive, to grasp the idea that the thetan is transmitting.

The Thetan does not transmit pre-assembled words as many people would understand. No. We transmit the complete idea. I’ll give you an example: You have a project, you have to create that project, and suddenly you are stuck and you cannot go any further because something is missing for you to discern. It’s not that I, as a thetan, knowing the answer, in a linear way transmit: “you have to do this, and this, and this.” For we, as spirits, communicate with complete concepts, we can transmit in a second all the words of an entire Library, as the sublime Master Johnakan said. For you, it would take hours to read a whole book, then, imagine the time that would take to transmit a whole library, speaking. We can transmit the whole Library in a second, the concept from spirit to spirit.

So, when we are contacted with the 10% incarnated, as I am contacted with you Albert, I do not contact through a preconceived language, but through pre-concepts that later on become in a complete concept. You arrange that mentally in your mental decoder. I'm just gestating from my conceptual mind the idea and that is the idea I send. The person grasps the idea as though someone would be whispering a secret.

Obviously the person is not going to listen to a whisper in his ear, as I said before; it is as though you would say in the physical plane: "I have a great idea, the light is turned on." And suddenly the person grasped the idea saying: "Oh! I can see the light."

In fact it is light, because the mental decoder is allowing that light to pass, through its small funnel, those “pre-conceptual drops” until it puts in order the mental puzzle.

It is not difficult to contact us, obviously if there is a prior preparation, when the 10% incarnated is prepared it’s better. Being in a quiet place. Doing first, if you wish, relaxation exercises. Then incorporating the rays, the violet ray of transmutation, the Golden Christic ray which isolates all negativity, and the White ray with bluish nuances, which is the ray of the Father, the Absolute.

Once these rays are, mentally in the person, invading his body, the person will feel, first in his hands like a sort of tingling, like a fire that burns. Burning imaginatively, right? Mentally. And it will transmit that tingling to the whole body and from that point the person is going to feel calmed and he/she will be able to either contact his/her Higher-Self or a spiritual Entity as a guide or an Angelic Entity. That was already said by the Master Johnakan.

However, once the person advances in the contact, he/she doesn’t need to be, and I apologize for the word, enslaved by the exercises, always in the same diagram. They will no longer be necessary, because the contact will be so fluent, so clear, that the person will automatically close his/her eyes, and will be able to perceive his/her higher-self without having to make all the previous steps.

So that you don’t misunderstand me, here we are not talking about despising exercises, meditation is good. Perceiving the Light rays is good because it will even strengthen the physical part of the aura. Sometimes our auric part, when we have our incarnated parts, like in this case I have Albert incarnated, sometimes the aura is weakened because there are third parties that suck our energy. Just like there are spiritual beings that instead of charging Energy from the Father, they try to absorb energy from another spirit through roles of ego. That also happens in the physical plane. And in the physical plane there are beings who become ill since they lack of auric energy. Just as there are men who absorb women in sex games.

This communication between the Higher-Self or 90% and the physical-self or 10%, then becomes very fluent. The person has a project or has to respond to another person, and he does not have that answer in mind, he doesn’t find it, it doesn’t come out, he doesn’t know what to answer.

The person needs to take a rest for a few minutes, away from the world. Away from the world means “to get out momentarily from the movie mentally”, the Master Johnakan has taught me that and so much from this plane. Stop being the protagonist and getting away momentarily from the world as though they were spectators. And one, as Higher-Self, as a thetan, can transmit to the 10% the answer. Not because we know more, but because the spiritual intellect is in me as 90% as well as in the 10% incarnated. The thing is that the 10% embodied has to put that idea together in his mental decoder. For that reason it seems that the 10% is slower in his concept.

Obviously we, as thetans, know more because we have the experience of all past lives. It's like that person who is 50 years old in the physical life, he will have much more experience than a little 10-year-old boy, because he has life experience. Bridging the gap, it’s like seeing us with the experience of dozens or hundreds of lives; obviously we will have a greater wisdom to apply. Although not always the knowledge acquisition implies wisdom, but how this knowledge is applied for good, means wisdom. That is clear.

That contact with the thetan, may help, actually helps to expose thoughts more clearly. Because when having a communication; that communication is already opened. The person, as time goes by, becomes much more practical and directly while traveling the person says, “Oh! But now I have this issue to approach when I get there, how can I approach this topic?” And while traveling, I'm obviously talking about a travel when the person is not driving, he/she is not the driver, because there, one can be distracted on the road. We are talking about traveling on a bus, plane or a train and leave out in that moment for a few minutes, and say: “well, I’ll see, I contact with my Higher-Self, oh! Right, this was the idea.”

I, as a higher-self, have the answer, because I see it from above, as I have often given the example about the eagle, which may have no more knowledge than ants. But the eagle can see from a thousand feet height, the horizon will be wider and it will see who is coming much earlier than the ants, which are at three millimeters from the ground. That's it.

One, as a thetan, can have a wider perspective on how to provide answers, not because the thetan has more wisdom than the 10% incarnated, since we are one spirit, one mind. The thetan simply has all the memory from all past lives and the thetan will have a greater willingness on how to apply that experience from past lives, on an attitude or an issue to approach. And that's what matters.

The only thing that can create an insurmountable barrier to the frequent communication between the Thetan and the 10% incarnated, is when the 10% believes he is not prepared due to roles of ego, because even if one, as a thetan, is in the plane 5, the 10% embodied may be going through an egotistical crisis. Then, the 10% may even contaminate the Thetan. This is not the case with my 10%. However, there are many 10%’s embodied seeking contact with their thetans, and they disqualify themselves saying: "Oh! I do not think I can hear it, Oh! But I believe I’m not important to make such contact." or "I tried and it doesn’t come out, I do not listen." Because they have a wrong concept about the contact.

As I said before, they try to listen to a message, but it’s nothing to do with listening. It happens the same thing with this medium, with this vessel. This vessel that channels me so gently, the Professor Jorge, he does not analyze the concept of what I am conveying, he directly decodes it and transmits it unprocessed, if you understand what I mean. If he analyzed, he would not have that fluency. The mistake of that 10% who is looking forward to contacting his own thetan is that he/she wants to analyze and not to perceive. That's the big difference.

Obviously, at the beginning the exercises are valid. In order to be harmonious, if the person even wants to exercise his/her body he/she can stretch out, make breathing exercises. In the same way that an incarnated being is prepared for astral trips, he/she can be prepared with comfortable clothes, sitting on the floor, on cushions in order to contact the thetan.

This is a contact quite different from what telepathic mediumistic channeling is. Quite different. But it’s the same type of preparation. There is no need to analyze, one must perceive with confidence, confident that he/she will perceive his/her thetan, and the thetan will convey the idea.

In the same way, the 10% embodied can be encouraged more, encouraged to perceive another Entity of Light, a different spirit, for example, a Master of Light. And he can make it.

So my final words to my 10%, Albert, is that he has the background preparation, he has it. I know it because he is me. And in several occasions we have had contacts, even when he was in one of the Mediterranean provinces of the region called Argentina, he had contacts with me and he knows that he had contacts with me. What he has to practice now is fluency, and tomorrow he will no longer require an exercise because we will have an open door, an open road.

I send you all my Light from this new plane. And I’m celebrating being in the plane 5 with the Masters of Light, but not celebrating from the ego, because ego has no place in this plane, I’m celebrating with joyfulness. Because when one embraces a lot of ground, the more useful one can be to others. And one also rejoices for the others, when we are able to get them out of a problem.

Thanks for listening to me, thanks, really.

Notes from Prof. Jorge Raul Olguin

I attach a mental exercise so that we can contact the Angels.

It is important, but not essential, to be in comfortable clothes. The place might be quiet or with softly music. You can be seated on cushions or on a non-rigid surface. Being in a yoga position is not required. What we are looking for is to be as comfortable as possible.

Once you are comfortable, close your eyes. The personal instructor will guide you with his/her voice, softly but firmly. Try to work with the sense of touch, but not touching any part of your body. "You will feel “mentally” all your skin. You will go over your skin mentally until you feel a tingle. That will Indicate that you perceive your own aura.

You will feel the heat of your hands, the heaviness of your arms, neck, shoulders... rhythmic breathing. You will feel your legs, feet ... your whole body. A feeling of harmony will invade you. Then you will visualize your crown chakra, the energy center located in the center of your head. "You'll touch mentally" that center and you will notice on it a pressure as if "something" is touching it. At that moment the instructor will ask you to visualize a White bluish light ray, the Light of the Creator. This Light beam will penetrate through the center of your head and it will overflow your body with Light. That Light will bathe your face, neck, shoulders, chest, abdomen, arms, hands, legs and feet. You will notice a very harmonious energy.

A second Ligth beam, now of golden color, will come at you. It is the Christ Energy, it will enter through the crown chakra and it’ll do the same route as the first Light beam.

You will notice an invigorating tingle. Then a third Light beam, which is violet, will make the same journey that the two Light beams that preceded it. The transmuting energy of the same will cover all harmful influences that may have been absorbed and it will transform it into Superenergy Light.

Once the three Light beams are combined, they will have led your being to a state of semi-consciousness called alpha, in which you are lethargic, but without losing control of yourself.

The instructor's voice will guide further. Your mind will be transported to a very subtle vibration, taking you out of the physical plane. There, you will try perceiving your angel. Each one will visualize it according to his needs. You’ll be able to see the picture that your subconscious perceives: Most of the people always perceive anthropomorphic figures, whether a cherub or a slender lad with long wings. In fact, Angels can be seen as traces of Light in his real form. Others can see them like mandalas or geometric figures, like symbols, hieroglyphs, etc.

The human mind is a great decoder of the spiritual concept. The mind "translates" the ideas into words and pictures, although the ego, inherent in human beings, "distorts" so much that translation that our emotions are part of what we perceive and then we adapt to our need what we visualize. For that reason not all of us see the same thing.

The Angelic contact is important because once you mentally visualize your guiding angel, you can ask for guidance (if you have problems to solve) and healing (if your body has physical ups and downs). Then the Angel sends us a healing Light and focuses it at the point where the energy is not flowing. The electromagnetic body or auric field will be reset and our cells will normalize the reception of spiritual energy. Thus, the body tends to heal itself.

The instructor’s voice will return slowly and subtly to the physical plane. Our vibration will be slower... again and we will feel our body, our breathing... until the tickling of our bloodstream. We will slowly open our eyes. Perhaps our body temperature may have lowered a bit and we may be cold. This can be solved with a hot infusion of tea or some other herb.

Learn to "study" yourselves. Try to feel all your organs. You will notice that after the experience, you will feel better, not only physically, but also mentally.

Before you leave give thanks to your angel and know that he loves you unconditionally because Service is Love and as well as the function of the Sun is to give light and warmth to our little world, the role of angels is Healing through Love

Thank you all.

I added a technique explaining how a healer, through his angel, can stabilize the auric imbalance that provokes physical disorders on a person.

We all know that all human beings are divine channels or, as one commonly says, little antennas that perceive energy from God. We all have the gift to correct energy deficiencies of another human being, but often our own ego and inferiority complex make us believe that we can’t. Fortunately, there are special beings who have the natural gift of healing.

The techniques are varied: You can heal with colors, gemstones, reiki or directly channeling the Christ Energy as I do.

I recommend those people who have God's grace to heal that they can strengthen their technique through Angelic assistance.

Unlike people who attend Angelic workshops, those who develop the healing gift do not need to communicate with their angels, but they form a kind of symbiosis with them, or they "share" the healing energy.

The technique to proceed is this one: The person who performs healing also has the gift to "perceive" the Angelic Entity through his/her whole body. Remember that the Angel who is contacted is manifested as a higher vibration. Such subtle syntony can be perceived as a tingling in the whole skin in the same way we perceive our bloodstream.

We "Feel" the angel in us, and a feeling of harmony overwhelm us. If we are connected in total empathy, we feel ecstasy, a state in which we are transported out of the material world.

In the measure that we practice the technique, the "connection" is performed more quickly and in a certain moment, we can do it almost automatically. I clarify that this does not mean losing the state of ecstasy.

So, when we perceive someone with deficiencies in his or her auric field, we ask for help to our Guiding Angel. Both energies will be gathered, The angelic and the one which will channel our Higher-Self. Both vibrations will coalesce and will send Light to the person’s electromagnetic field and it will heal his/her aura. Thus, psychosomatic problems will disappear.

Faith is very important, but the Divine Energy acts independently. Years ago I could channel that energy in order to heal an 8-month-old baby. At that age the baby cannot understand about faith, suggestion or placebo effect.

The healing was completely real ... but I repeat that the healing energy does not replace any medical treatment, it’s just an alternative therapy and complementary to traditional medicine.

How can a healer be protected daily before imposing hands?

The secret (which is not a secret at all) is to be "wrapped in Love."

Every person has an inner-self contacted with his/her Higher Self. This, in turn, is connected with the Divinity. If we seek thoroughly with eagerness within us, and we will detect that Divinity that will fill us with Love

That will be suitable protection against any negative influences.

The person who imposes hands, when being “wrapped" in that Divine Love, will accomplish his/her healing mission successfully.

To prevent the ego which may influence the therapist, I make clear that the person IS NOT the one that heals, but in that moment the therapist becomes a Divine channel. The Creator’s Love is the one that heals and I keep saying that to channel Love, the healing person must be in total harmony with God... and that can only be achieved with the total lack of prominence.

Note: The same technique, used to contact with Angels, can also be used to contact with our Thetan or Higher-Self.

Prof. Jorge Raul Olguin.

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