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The concept of Impulsive and reactive minds.

Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin

Entity that came to dialogue: Master Ruanel.
Interlocutor: Who is present?
Ruanel: Hello, I am Ruanel.
Interlocutor: How are you Master? I have a series of questions to ask you.
Ruanel: Well, let’s start with your questions.
Interlocutor: Okay. What is the impulsive mind, the one that this vessel talks about? What is the difference with the reactive mind?
Ruanel: As you already know, the reactive mind acts exactly when the analytical mind is very diminished, when l was incarnated, I detected the original reactive mind, which is the automatic reactive mind, Johnakan detected - one cannot say that he discovered it- the impulsive reactive mind.
Interlocutor: Ah, the impulsive reactive mind! I believe that I understand now.
Ruanel: As my brother Johnakan says, this mind comes from the times when the spirits embodied in primitive beings, where they had to use directly that impulsive mind to escape from carnivorous mammals, like the saber Toothed tiger and other ferocious animals.
The impulsive mind is reactive, and for that reason I would not only call it impulsive mind, without any other word. I would divide the reactive mind in two: (1) Automatic Reactive mind and (2) Impulsive reactive mind, something that was already sayd by this vessel when he was talking to you.
Interlocutor: I wonder how the impulsive reactive mind can act, I mean, to escape from a saber Toothed tiger , without having filed previously that experience, or someone similar in the reactive bank.
Ruanel: The impulsive reactive mind reacts without passing by previous experiences. Notice, for example that there are recently incarnated creatures that are hardly two years old and they are already afraid of darkness.
Interlocutor: It is true, I have been able to check it personally with my grandson. What is the reason of that fear?
Ruanel: They are innate instincts. That fear to the unknown goes being dissolved, as one grows up, with the analytical mind. And the same thing happens with the fear to noises or insects. It doesn't stop from being a reactive mind because there is no analysis of those fears.
Interlocutor: It is something inherent to the human beings, then.
Ruanel: Correct, it is something inherent, but that can be perfectly tamed by the analytical mind. It doesn’t stop being a role of ego. I admit that I learned a lot with the teaching of Johnakan, in spite of being in the same spiritual plane.
Let’s say as that he is not my partner but my Master. That is to say, Johnakan, in this last period that you call a year, he has debated with the Master Jesus and he has made him see the validity of some things Jesús didn't agree with.
Interlocutor: Is there competition In the spiritual planes to see who is right or worng like we do in the physical plane?
Ruanel: No, in the spiritual planes one doesn't compete, but rather there are debates in order to obtain more Light and in this way to Serve better. The fundamental thing is Service, not to see who wins a debate.
What I wanted to point is the elevated level Johnakan is at when he debated with no other than the Master Jesus to make him see the genuineness of the point of view he sustained.
Interlocutor: I understood perfectly. Now, what happens when a person is 100% analytical? I mean, what happens with the impulsive reactive mind? Does it work equally although there is no decrease of the mental capacity? I understand that it has to be a decrease so that the automatic reactive mind works.
Ruanel: The mechanism of the impulsive reactive mind is similar to the mechanism of the automatic reactive mind, and for its operation it is necessary that there is analytical reduction. If the analytical mind is not reduced the impulsive mind doesn't work.
Interlocutor: Do all the impulses come from the impulsive reactive mind?
Ruanel: No, not all of them, it can be affective impulses that could be called affective sensations, ecstasy sensations. But I wouldn’t take these reactions as produced by the impulsive reactive mind.
For example, If I am suddenly incarnated and I see my ship assembled, I have an ecstasy and I end up having my heartbeat at more than 110 per minute. But I cannot call this impulsive reactive mind. It was an impulse of ecstasy I saw my ship assembled, to me that was something very important. I loved my ship very much.
Interlocutor: Your point is clear, Master.
Ruanel: Then, when one is completely analytical, the impulsive reactive mind doesn't work, but the impulses of ecstasy, love, enthusiasm or affection work.
Interlocutor: Lets’ see if I have understood your explanation: the automatic reactive mind works through engrams that were received previously; I understand that engrams are experiences or unpleasant incidents that have been filed in the reactive bank through physical and emotional pains in the mind.
Ruanel: And the impulsive reactive mind reacts without engrams in front of impulses. Impulses are caused by ego. That is to say, it can be reaction for engrams dramatization and it can be reaction due to roles of ego.
Just like an engram is the fruit of the reactive mind, ego is also a fruit of the reactive mind that in turn, by means of a principle of action and reaction, it makes the impulse interact. Impulse is a role of ego. And the person not necessarily has to have an engram.
An engram I rather relate it to the automatic reactive mind, which mechanism I discovered when I was incarnated.
But the other reactive mind, the impulsive reactive mind, is as harmful as the automatic reactive mind perhaps more because the automatic reactive mind can save your life. Suddenly, if you listen to a klaxon you jump back, but the impulsive reactive mind can damage others, directly it damages others.
Interlocutor: When the ego is integrated none of these two minds work?
Ruanel: Correct because there is no ego or engrams, but there is something I want to leave very clear. It is very difficult that incarnated spirits of Light integrate 100% of their ego.
Let’s suppose that my vessel has 5% of ego, then it is very easy for him to handle it because although in some moment he is disturbed, at the few instants he will recover and he will defeat it.
But a spirit that is overwhelmed and has 90% of ego that ego possesses him, therefore, it is very difficult that that ego can be handled by the spirit because he will be, as you say in your physical plane, like an upset horse impossible to tame.
Interlocutor: That is clear. But I wonder how a person jumps when he hears a sound of a klaxon if he is in a high level of enthusiasm, that is to say, with the analytical mind working completely, and therefore he has disconnected the reactive mind wheter impulsive or automatic.
Ruanel: Because there is always something like a "relay."
Interlocutor: An automatic?
Ruanel: Yes, just like the one that freezers have.
Interlocutor: I understand.
Ruanel: Well, in the mind there is always an automatic that is ready to shoot. Then, it doesn't matter if the analytical mind is completely functional because that "relay" will always be vigilant and ready to react.
Interlocutor: Concretely, even though the person is completely enthusiastic, in the highest tone scale, totally analytical, the mechanism of defence will always be alert?
Ruanel: Correct. Remember that the reactive mind is only a mechanism of survival that is good to replace the analytical mind when it is diminished. If a person could always be analytical he would not need of any mechanism of survival. It is necessary to keep in mind that at the beginning of times, the impulsive reactive mind was a defense mechanism.
Interlocutor: I believe that this is very clear. Moving on to another topic, from the spiritual plane Can you see the human mind?
Ruanel: We can perceive it, we do not see because in the spiritual planes we don't see and we don’t hear. That perception is superior to your sight or hearing because concepts are not only perceived, but also states of mind. Sensations are perceived, tastes are perceived, sounds are perceived.
Interlocutor: And how do you perceive us? I mean to our physical matter.
Ruanel: Dense, very dense. For that reason, when I perceive an alleged Master who says: "I am subtle", I am capable to laugh, conceptually if you understand me, since we don't have vocal chords. It would be the same thing if a fish jumped out of the water and it would say to the human: "look, I am also in the air." The human would laugh, and he would respond: "You are four seconds in the air and we are the whole time".
Interlocutor: Your idea is clear.
Ruanel: I will leave you because the brother Tar wants to communicate with you.
Interlocutor: Okay, Master, see you later and thank you.
An example of Automatic Reactive mind would be: if you are walking down the street and suddenly a car honks at you, you would immediately jump back from the road to save your life. (survival mechanism)
An example of Impulsive Reactive mind would be: if your boyfriend reacts suddenly slapping your face or insulting you harshly ,in a moment of rage, when something you said was offensive to him. (roles of ego, a touchy person who is easily offended has ego)
Jorge Olguin.

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