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Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin

Entity that came to dialogue: Master Ruanel.
Interlocutor: Now I want to ask you about other questions I am quite confused. We know that we embody in a 10% spirit. Do we always use a 100% of the capacity of that 10% or only a small percentage?
The other question is: Since we are born with 10% blank, how is that 10% filled? with the experiences that we have in the physical plane and the ones that our 90% transmit to us?
Finally, why the 90% doesn’t know immediately the experiences and the knowledge that the 10% acquires? This question is related to what was said about Kasparov. if there were a chess match between the 10% and the 90% of Kasparov, obviously through a medium, the 90% of Kasparov could never defeat his incarnated part.
In synthesis, I’d like to know the reason why only when one disembodies and the 10% is integrated with the 90%, the spirit acquires the entirety of the acquired knowledge during the incarnation.
Ruanel: First of all, what you say about Kasparov is not so like that. The issue is this: In most of the cases, the 90% or thetan knows what the 10% does. How couldn’t he know if there is a permanent communication? The thing is the other way around: it is the 10% the one who doesn't know what the 90% does because the 10% is imbued in all the noise of the physical plane, then, the communication with the 90% is almost impossible.
You, here in the physical plane, you are already accustomed, but if the 90% had the possibility to embody, and he literally had ears, he would become deaf because of the enormous noise there is in the physical plane.
It is as if you went to a "Disco" and the noises of the rock music impacted your ears so you don't get used to it. Maybe at the ten minutes you are already drinking a cocktail, and you got used to the noise. But if you opened the doors and you suddenly entered in that place that noise would invade your ears and you would be surely overwhelmed and deafened.
Well, here the same thing happens. Then, since you are inside that noise, you have to make a work, so to speak, of consciousness-raising first and after meditation, in order to communicate with an angel or with a being of Light or with your own thetan of higher-self. Do you understand me?
Interlocutor: Yes, perfectly.
Ruanel: But the other way around it is much easier. The 90% can communicate with the 10%. What happens is that the thetan doesn’t always do it, because in the planes 2 and 3 , the thetans are in roles of victim, equally or more than the incarnated parts. Obviously, the incarnated part doesn't know this.
In the physical plane, the 10% spirit of a plane 2 and the 10% spirit of a plane 5 are not the same. On the contrary, the 10% incarnated of a spirit of the plane 5 can provoke problems at each step and maybe the 10% spirit of a plane 2 doesn't provoke any because his behavior belongs to the Light. The thetan, in this case, needless to say, later on will rise of level and it will pass the plane 3.
The spirits of the plane 5, since we are permanently in mission, we don't always have the time to know what our 10% is doing. Besides the 90% of Kasparov, if he is in a certain mission or with a certain problem whatsoever, the least he will be interested in is in the chess game of his incarnated part. On the other hand, the incarnated part is imbued in that topic. It is nothing more than that because the other 90% will be dispersed.
Interlocutor: I understood the idea clearly.
Ruanel: Let’s go to the other part of the question, which is actually the first part. The 10% incarnated receives a "loan" during its passage through life, a certain body. That body has a mental decoder which is the neocortex. Well, the percentage of use of the 10%spirit of that 100% brain capacity can range from 12% to 18%.
Interlocutor: Is this a problem of the decoder?
Ruanel: It is a problem of the decoder and it is a problem of awareness. There is a lot of things. The physical plane gives for much more. There were exceptional beings, great thinkers, philosophers of the antiquity like Socrates, Plato or Aristotle who used until 40%, or maybe 50% of the brain capacity of that 10% spirit to lucubrate ideas.
Interlocutor: What percentage of brain capacity would be using the physicist Stephen Hawking?
Ruanel: At least 30%, and each time he uses more.
Interlocutor: Does the mental decoder have also relationship with the 90%?
Ruanel: The mental decoder has relationship with the 10% and the 90% that is to say, it decodes everything. The mental decoder "decodes" the spiritual concepts of the entirety of the spirit - for that reason we call it "decoder". If it were not in this way, mediumship would not exist.
And I remind you that the word “decoder” in the sense that we are using it, is a terminology used by Grupo Elron only, in Computer science, they use it with another meaning.
Interlocutor: Related to this topic, I want to ask you something that we were debating with Jorge: If I give a strong pinch to the vessel, Do you also feel the pain or only the vessel?
Ruanel: The vessel feels it and automatically I feel it also for empathy. Mediumship would be like an alpha state, so light, so light that automatically, in front of the smallest change in the physical plane, like a bell, a honk, a noise, an aggression, I am displaced immediately and as a consequence the medium automatically takes conscience and, in an illustrative way, he wakes up.
Interlocutor: This question has relationship with a debate I had with Jorge, where I sustained that it is not the body the one that feels the pain but the spirit, in this case the 10% incarnated, but he said that the pain was felt by the body. Am I right?
Ruanel: No, because the body feels the pain.
Interlocutor: But if the body is a machine!
Ruanel: That has nothing to do. The body is a machine, but it is also a pain transmitter.
Interlocutor: I don’t understand. doesn't the pain have to be felt by the living part and not the machine?
Ruanel: The body is also a living part. I want that you understand . When we say that the body is a machine, we refer strictly to the concept so that people understand the difference between the physical plane and the spiritual plane. But, in fact, the body is alive. Notice that the body grows, and what is dead doesn't grow. A freezer, for example, and I give you this example so that you understand the idea better, it doesn't grow. A table doesn’t grow either because it is a dead thing like the freezer.
Interlocutor: But a body without the 10% spirit that animates it...
Ruanel: It wouldn’t feel anything, and a 10% without body won’t feel anything either. I am 100% spirit. Well, I don't feel pain. In order to feel pain, I need a physical part. In order to feel pain, I need to be incarnated. That means that the flesh feels the pain.
Interlocutor: But the flesh has the spirit inside!
Ruanel: The spirit is the one that decodes the pain through the cerebral decoder of the neocortex.
Interlocutor: I think that it would be necessary to clarify what "feel the pain" means. I understand that the body transmits the pain, but not that it feels the pain in fact...
Ruanel: The nervous terminals are at skin-deep and they transmit the pain the body feels to the mental decoder. The mental decoder, as it is connected with the spiritual concept decoder, it transmits to this one the sensation of pain. The decoder goes back and forth. I translate it: if the 10% or the 90% communicate a concept, through mediumship, the mental decoder translates it to the spoken language: bla, bla, bla. Do you agree?
Interlocutor: Yes.
Ruanel: But it can also be made the other way around. The decoder transmits to the spiritual part the sensation of pain, then, the feeling of pain is read. I am speaking very basically. it is read by the spiritual concept what the body feels. If the body didn't feel, the spiritual decoder could not read anything. That "needle" could not mark anything, it would mark zero.
Interlocutor: If I have an iron bar and I apply a hit on one end.
Ruanel: The iron bar would not feel a thing.
Interlocutor: I agree. but maybe if I tackled the bar with the fingers on the other tip, it would feel the vibration, and in this case I am the one who would feel the pain through the vibration. Is this something similar to what we are trying to clarify?
Ruanel: No, because in this case the spirit doesn't feel the vibration as if it were the terminal vibration, but rather the own body is the one that feels the vibration. The pain exists at physical level.
I want you to understand the difference. When we say that there are entities that are very cruel and they go to the plane -2, the Eighth Sphere, and they feel the pain of all the spirits that inhabit there, we are speaking of an emotional pain that doesn't have anything to do with the physical pain. Maybe you have felt sometimes an emotional pain due to a loss of a beloved being or a farewell.
Interlocutor: Yes, of course.
Ruanel: The spirit. Do you remember where the 10% spirits lodges?
Interlocutor: I believe that in the frontal lobes.
Ruanel: No, not at all. This is the great mistake of many people. The spirit, in fact, I mean the 10% spirit, doesn't have physical form.
Then I could say that hypothetically the spirit lodges in the whole body, because it is a spirit and then the spirit animates the body, it is giving life to the body, like the puppeteer does with the marionette through the threads. But the concept of the 10% doesn't lodge like the physical concept in the mental decoder, in the neoc√≥rtex, but rather it lodges in the heart chakra. And notice that the human being has the so big instinct that unconsciously he knows it. Where do you point at when you say "I”?
Interlocutor: I understand. I touch myself in the place where the heart is and not in the brain.
Ruanel: Yes, you touch yourself the heart chakra which in fact is not to the left, but almost in the center. You have it above your breastbone, because the solar plexus chakra is under the breastbone and above it’s the heart chakra.
Interlocutor: Okay.
Ruanel: Well, in that part the 10% spirit lodges that is to say, where we say "I" when pointing to that place.
Interlocutor: Master, allow me to calmly meditate this and later on, if I have some doubt, I’ll ask you again.
Ruanel: Okay. But keep in mind that the matter is very simple.
Interlocutor: Okay, Master.

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