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At the present time 65% of the people in the world live in total indifference, 20% are completely cruel and 15% are seeking the Light. However, from this 15%, only 1% reaches to the planes of Light 4 and 5, the other 14 % who were seeking the Path of Light are abandoning the quest and falling into lassitude. People usually believe that the opposite of Love is hatred, but the opposite of Love is not hatred but indifference.
The true message of this time is that one evolves through Service just as the Master Jesus taught us. Although everybody has Free Will and so this message is not imposed, it’s important to show that the Path of Light is not imposed.
Not everybody is on time or willing to serve, but it’s necessary to say that Service helps the spirit to evolve to the Light and those who serve must understand that Service means Joy and not an obligation, otherwise it’s not Service. Altruism will raise your Spirit, but selfishness and ego will plunge you down.
Every Spirit of Light enjoys serving others and you may ask: What is the meaning of Service? Service means to love your neighbors and help them in any way you can, to comfort those who suffer, it means teaching those who live in ignorance, being kind to the needy and to do that you don’t need to be on a pulpit or to have titles, just by enjoying and putting yourself in the place of the others you’ll start walking the Path of Light.

SESSION 27/8/02
Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.

Entity that came to dialogue: Master Ruanel.
Interlocutor: Master I’ll ask you the next question. To what Spiritual plane do the spirits go when they are immediately created by Elohim? This is a question that a person asked me over internet.
Ruanel: The planes, already existed before the spirits were created, but they were empty. When Elohim created all the spiritual Entities, the angels went to the plane 6 and the spirits went to the plane 5. The spirits, in this plane 5, when they realized what they were, they were invaded by their ego, and we already know that Ego is prominence. And this circumstance automatically made them descend of level. The mission of ego, in fact, is to help the spirits to grow...
Interlocutor: Could Ego with regard to the spirits be compared to the wind and a kite that in fact helps it to be lifted off the ground?
Ruanel: Yes, the example is valid.
Interlocutor: Could we say that the spirits are created "good". - I don’t find a better word to express it- and then ego makes them “bad”? I ask it because in Dianetics you mentioned that the human being is basically good.
Ruanel: At this time, as a 100% spirit, I would correct myself and I would say that the human being is basically neutral. When I said in Dianetics that the human being is basically good and that engrams make him bad that was demonstrated when one reaches the state of clear, that is to say, free of engrams, but I didn't consider Ego.
Interlocutor: Now I understand.
Ruanel: You have to keep in mind that when I was incarnated as Ron Hubbard, I didn't have the whole knowledge that I have now with regard to the other mind, the impulsive reactive mid. I only had a basic knowledge on this topic... In addition, I inform you that you and this vessel have been the only ones who have worked more about the topic of Ego in the XX century and part of this XXI century. Even more than many Transpersonal psychologists on this planet.
Even though a person reaches the state of clear, that doesn't set him free of falling in roles of manipulation.
Interlocutor: Here I have another question that the same person asked me: How did the Ascended Masters do in the past to be free of engrams if Dianetics didn't exist?
Ruanel: They have worked raising their spirits very intensely, believing in Love, and even without knowing Psychointegration or any other Transpersonal technique, they have been able to “defeat” their ego discovering with their impersonal Love that the most important thing for them was to be helpful to others and believing that the others were more important than themselves.
And automatically when they were integrating their Ego, they were already reluctant to receive hypnotic orders as engrams. So they didn’t play their roles and they didn't receive engrams. They defeated the reactive mind with Love. The merit of those Ascended Masters was bigger because in that time they didn’t have the current techniques than now exist.
How would the Master Jesus channel engrams in his life, if he practically never thought about himself? Except at times when he was hurt or he had a stomachache since anybody can have stomach cramps in the physical plane. The Master Jesus always put himself in the last place. Then what engrams could he receive, if he practically was not there?
Interlocutor: I understood the point perfectly. At this time, when you mentioned Jesus, I have another question: What did the Master Jesus do, when the crowd wanted to stone a woman taken in adultery, when he was writing on the ground the sins of each one of them? I mean when he said :”He who is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her”[1]
Ruanel: Those beautiful words were said by the Master Jesus, but he left nothing written the same as Socrates.
Interlocutor: Actually I meant to what the evangelists mentioned about Jesus, when he wrote with his finger on the ground in order to persuade those who wanted to stone that woman who was taken in adultery.
Ruanel: No, he never did that. It was simply an invention of the evangelist to exalt his character.
Interlocutor: I asked it because we know that when we are incarnated we don't possess telepathy in order to know with accuracy the thoughts of people. And I was wondering How Did Jesus know?
Ruanel: The Master Jesus could know it because he had a tremendous intuition. My vessel, in an appointment, can know the mistakes of people perfectly, and he doesn’t need to be a telepathist.

Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.

Entity that came to dialogue: Master Ruanel.
Interlocutor: Master Ron?
Ruanel: Yes.
Interlocutor: Will you give some message first?
Ruanel: Yes, but it will be very brief.
Interlocutor: I listen to you.
Ruanel: In the first place, I am noticing a lot of indifference for the spiritual world in people. There is a lot of wordiness; many Pseudo-schools, many pseudo-teachers, and these pseudo-teachers are as harmful as the spirits of error are. For example, there is a well-known person that my vessel knows who is in the 5th plane and this person cannot come until here and goes to a Reiki school and they can even provoke that this person lowers of plane
Interlocutor: Is this person male or female?
Ruanel: The spirit I’m talking about embodied as a woman.
Interlocutor: You said that they can make her lower of plane. Is that so drastic?
Ruanel: Correct, but it’s not for her ill will, but simply because this person is totally engramic: A=A=A=A, I mean, if it’s not Johnakan it’s any other thing, and everything is okay.
In second place, there is a lot of disinformation, and we know that disinformation is so much more destructive that any message of the "demons" in the causal body or body of desires that brings confusion.
In this virtual reality that you call Internet there are many websites where people speak about Pleiadians and Ganymedians, and we know that there is no life in the Pleiades or Ganymede.
Interlocutor: I knew that there was no life in the Pleiades because it is a system in formation, but I had understood that there was life in Ganymede.
Ruanel: Correct, but I meant that there is no life in the way they think of, I mean beings absolutely telepathist, all of them ascended Masters, if there are five thousand inhabitants, the five thousand beings are Spirits of Light and they live to Serve.
Interlocutor: But Isn’t there a world like this?
Ruanel: No, there is no world so complete in which all the Spirits belong to the Light because it wouldn’t make any sense. The Spirits of Light embody in mission of Service, and what would the Service be if all of them belong to the Light? What service could be if one embodies in a world where everybody is in the plane 5?
Interlocutor: They could embody and go on vacation.
Ruanel: Well, in the planes of Light there is no vacation, they are always in Service and one also embody in mission of Service. This is what I meant.

Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.

Entity that came to dialogue: Master Ruanel.
Ruanel: Here I am once again with you. I am Ruanel.
Interlocutor: Is that you Master? For a moment I didn’t recognize you because you showed up with a very serious voice tone. How are you?
Ruanel: Working a lot, working hard. There are a lot erroneous teachings and it’s very hard to eradicate them, and not only in this planet but also in many worlds. Each planet has its changes. There are planets where people don't have any religion, where only knowledge prospers, but based on a mistaken foundation. There is a common denominator in all the worlds and that are based on Service.
In the worlds like Antares 4, Service is inherent to all its inhabitants due to a matter of habit. In the spiritual worlds, all the Spirits that are in the planes 4 and 5 are based on Service.
Carl Jung someone that you should know spoke about the “collective unconscious”. Well, there are worlds where the collective unconscious is Service, for example in Antares 4 which I already mentioned.
In this planet a person is born that is to say, a Spirit embodies as a humanoid of Antares 4, and since his childhood they teach him to serve, practically his learning is lesser than Earth. You will ask me: How will it be lesser if there are millions of souls based on Service? Of course, but what happens is that they are already taught in this way. They don’t know how to compare.
I don’t want to rest merits to the inhabitants of Antares 4 because it would be a lack of ethics, but the truth is that it is much more meritorious to Serve on Earth, where only 1% of the population reaches to the planes of Light than to serve in a world like Antares 4, where a very high percentage reaches to the planes of Light, since there is no envy, there is no hatred, there is no prominence.
Interlocutor: Well, Earth is a very primitive planet in that sense.
Ruanel: Earth is a planet of more learning.
Interlocutor: Is it true that this planet is very wanted to embody for the lessons that one learns here?
Ruanel: It is wanted based on the tremendous alternatives that it has. On the other hand, I want to highlight that the Entities of the planes of Light do not understand why you are destroying this planet. The Technology of the planet Earth is so high, so high that in few dozens of years this planet will be almost consumed.
Interlocutor: What would be the fundamental reason?
Ruanel: For example, they continue using fuel oil and they don't realize that petroleum is formed from the preserved remains of prehistoric animals that in a given moment will no longer exist.
If I had to evaluate to a leader of the world- A Spirit of Light does not prejudice- who knows that his country is polluting the rest of the world and it doesn't stop, I would have to call him cretinous. What other word would fit?
Interlocutor: I believe that none.
[1] John 8: 2-8

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