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ANALYTIC MIND: Unity of conscience (it is the “me”, the thinker) that uses the decoder mind to outline and solve problems.[ Located in the Cerebral Cortex]

DECODER-MIND: Part of the mind under the direction of the Me, Which means the analytic mind, it processes the data of experience contained in the bank of memories and then it acts. Another of the functions of the decoder mind is to convert or to translate the images or ideas of the spirit in understandable concepts to the physical plane.The medium, in fact, uses this mind to translate the thoughts (ideas) of the spirits to words or expressions in the average language.

AUTOMATIC REACTIVE MIND: It’s the “second mind” that works as an automatic mechanism of survival unaware to its volitional control. Contrary to the analytical mind, this mind, as its name indicates, reacts before a stimulus without previously process of analysis. When the analytic mind is not working (for example in an unconscious state like fainting ) it records all that happens around the person at a cellular level (Genetic Locus), because it identifies that one it’s in a moment of no-survival (it’s modus operandi is to store all the possible information in a moment of threat or no-survival because in a future, if a similar situation is repeated, it’ll have previous information so that it’ll be able to perform better) The reactions of this mind are unpredictable and they can be highly noxious, although it works as a mechanism of survival (It Reacts based on the information recorded in the reactive memory bank)

IMPULSIVE REACTIVE MIND: This type of mind reacts when it’s moved by desires or affective reasons that induce to do something suddenly, without meditation. Due to this behavior it’s also called emotional or thoughtless mind. The difference between the Impulsive Reactive mind and the Automatic reactive mind, it is that while this impulsive mind , requires the previous acquisition of engrams to react and impel to the organism to escape, on the other hand the Automatic mind can do it without any previous engram. The fear of darkness, to insects, etc. Are part, in fact, of the inherent content of the Impulsive Reactive mind.

UNCONSCIOUS REACTIVE-MIND: This is the Third Reactive mind which function is negative. it captures subliminal messages, subtle sentences, ideas and other things, not in their true sense but in their misleading sense, impelling to the person to a mistaken behavior. This mind works even though the individual is in an analytic state and it is the most dangerous reactive mind, because it interacts with all the other minds in order to satisfy its desires without weighing the consequences of its acts.

[The reactive mind and its different types are located in the Amygdala]

SOMATIC MIND: This mind controls the functions of the physical organism. The analytic mind and the reactive mind can impact on this mind (controlling the breathing with the analytic mind, preparing to the organism for escape with the reactive mind or also provoking an organic dysfunction also with the reactive mind)

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