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Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.

Entity that came to dialogue: Master Ruanel.
Interlocutor: How do Aliens bury their dead relatives in other planets? It's a question that many people have asked me and I didn't know how to answer.
Ruanel: In most of the worlds the bodies are cremated, because it is the most aseptic system.
Interlocutor: How about burials?
Ruanel: Funerals come from terrestrial antiquity, where animals buried their remains, their bones, their food, and this remained in the collective unconsciousness, from which the philosopher Jung spoke about. Burying it is an instinct, to bury as if we were keeping a treasure.
Interlocutor: Do you disagree with cemeteries then?
Ruanel: Well, What happens is that it is more practical to cremate the bodies. The problem is that there are many countries that are very religious and their inhabitants have such a big attachment to their bodies and such a big fear to be destroyed that they want to conserve their bodies at all costs. Even when a person dies he is terrified that something happens to his body.
Interlocutor: Master, I cannot believe it!
Ruanel: Believe it, because it has happened in many cases. You suddenly are so-and-so and you tell to your offspring: Please, don't cremate me, allow me to lie there!... As if the physical body were a part of him!. His Thetan laughs, figuratively speaking, when he sees that his 10% is doing something like that.
Interlocutor: I understand. Now, let us suppose that I died, how the whole process of disincarnation is? It is something that I always wanted to ask.
Ruanel: There is no process, when the 10% disincarnate it is connected immediately and automatically with the 90% and also with the whole memory of all its previous lives. And suddenly you stop being who you are and you become a 100% spirit again. It is as if you were dreaming and suddenly you wake up, you realize that you were dreaming and in reality and you were sleeping. Then you say: “I am in my apartment, it is 7 o’ clock in the morning, I will take my breakfast, I have go to work". And when you disembody it’s something similar: "Ah, It’s this!, yes, I remember, I am in the plane 4, the other thing was a role.".
Interlocutor: One realizes that immediately?
Ruanel: Correct.
Interlocutor: Then there is no process at all?
Ruanel: Why would it be process? The process is made by the beings of the planes of Error 2 and 3, they have a tremendous attachment to the physical plane that they do not integrate automatically with their 90%.
Interlocutor: Is the 10% left alone? I mean if it is isolated from the 90% and each one in on their side.
Ruanel: No, they cannot be separated, because the example that Johnakan gave pertaining to a key in a keyhole don't leave any doubt: disembodying is similar as retiring the key, that is to say that it cannot be separation since both are the same key.
What happens with these spirits is that their 10% rebels and don't want to know anything about the other 90%: "My name is Rafael, I don't have nothing to do with you, I am living in Mar del Plata, near the coast."
Interlocutor: I cannot believe it! It’s as if they didn’t want to wake up?
Ruanel: It is something similar.
Interlocutor: But in no way they can be separated...
Ruanel: No, not at all, there is no possible separation. It is as if the 10% had an independent life and he wanted to continue attached to the physical plane. Then they take physical forms and incarnated people can visualize them as ghosts, because they make themselves perceptible.
Interlocutor: The 10% then drags to the 90%?
Ruanel: Exactly. And if the other 90% were from a plane 4 or a plane 5 it allowed to the 10% to erase those engrams to not be dragged. Remember that in the planes 4 and 5 there is no Ego, there are no karmas, then if the 10% is with those conflicts, it "dirties" to the 90% and when it’s contaminated, it can pull it down to the plane 3. In the planes 4 and 5 there cannot be unbalance. If that spirit had problems and disembodies with dysfunctions, it would pull down to the spirit to the plane 3. This is logical.
Interlocutor: I remember that you mentioned in some opportunity that the Master Jesus when he disembody joined perfectly with his Thetan.
Ruanel: It is another thing; you are speaking of the Master Jesus.
Interlocutor: A last question?
Ruanel: No, no more, my vessel is very destabilized. I leave all my Light to you.
Interlocutor: See you later, Master, and thank you.

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