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Jorge Raul Olguin as a medium is the first person who was able to receive messages from an Entity of the 8 Spiritual Plane (Elohim). When in 23/Mar/07 he contacted telepathically with an Eloah Jehovah (Yahweh)

Mediumship: Psychic Ability to establish a link between the physical world and the Superphysical or Spiritual world. The medium incorporates an spiritual entity and through his brain (mental decoder), he decodes and translates the concepts he receives into spoken language (according to the preconceptions and the acquired knowledge the medium has, he will translate with bigger or smaller reliability the concept received)
Mediumship is the Telepathic Channeling with spiritual entities or with a person's thetan (90 spiritual% not incarnated). The spirit communicates using concepts and the medium decodes these concepts into spoken language.
This technique is not advisable for those mediums who are very emotional or those who have psychological ups and downs, since the spirits of Error can take advantage of that circumstance, not only to transmit wrong messages, but also to disturb the medium.
What is it in fact mediumship?
 Mediumship is the way that allows the communication between the physical plane and the superphysical planes not well called "spiritual" because it is a misleading term.
The planes 2 and 3, for example, are called "of Error" they are inhabited by beings who are precisely the opposite of what we commonly understand as "spiritual world." Through mediumship, the spirits that have physical body (incarnated) can communicate with those that don't have it (disincarnated).
Why all religious leaders are practically against mediumship?
 They are not against mediumship, but they are against its indiscriminate use, especially against those who ignore its mechanism and risks.
Mediumship is a double-edged tool: when it is badly used, it can be dangerous. One of the most famous examples is Joan of Arc who was an extraordinary medium, but the wrong interpretation of the messages she received from the superphysical world (spirits of Error) caused that her brain (mental decoder) was damaged since the spirits of Error are harmful.
As well as Electricity can be used in a good and a bad way, it is also necessary to remark that mediumship, as a scientific fact, can also be used correctly or incorrectly.
What is the probability that a medium could channel a faithful transmission of the messages?
 In this stage of humanity, chances are scarce, and a faithful transmission is not good enough.
Why a faithful transmission is not good enough?
 I will try to explain: For example a telephone can transmit words, but the concepts of the person who is on the other side of the line may be misunderstood
Somebody, through the telephone, can transmit with all fccuracy that two plus two are five! The mediumistic transmission, then, not only should be faithful but real.
Which are the obstacles commonly found in mediumship?
 The obstacles of mediumship are many and they are so important that one can say that it is almost a miracle that at the present time a transmission can be reliable.
1) The medium is not a transmitter but a translator. The medium translates the ideas or concepts from the disincarnated beings into understandable words in the physical plane.
In the superphysical or spiritual planes, language is not used as we do in the physical plane, but telepathy, through telepathy in an instant one can transmit the content of an entire library.
The problem of mediumship consists, then, in how to transmit an idea or a very complex concept in few words.
If in the physical plane you ask to a thousand people to describe in ten lines a house, surely, you will have the description of a thousand different houses. And with mediumship the same thing happens.
2) Most of the mediumistic messages are given by entities of error, that is to say entities of the planes 2 and 3, it’s necessary to add that this spirits usually mock at incarnated beings, taking advantage that we cannot perceive them.
These entities can transmit truths that they don’t even know. There are even Entities that have reached the higher planes, but due to their ego they have descended of level, and they use the human beings to discharge their hatred and frustration. These are the worst kind, because they give true messages mixed with false messages. And what can be more pernicious than an entity that lies to destroy, but also say something true to disguise his lies?
3) The third obstacle is the small capacity of the mental decoder of the medium to translate ideas or concepts into words.
There are translators and translators. If the medium translates literally (that is to say, without interpreting or evaluating the message first), that translation can be disastrous.
It’s necessary to add the little knowledge that a medium can have on a certain matter in which the mediumistic communication is related to.
If the entity transmits musical concepts and the medium doesn't have this type of knowledge, it would be something exceptional if he translates the messages faithfully.
4) The fourth obstacle is related to the ideas of the medium. If the medium, for example, is a religious fanatic and an spiritual entity wants to transmit to him agnostic ideas, the most probable thing is that he would distort the messages.
And this distortion can be made by the medium automatically and in good faith.
What happens to Entities of Light that communicate through a medium that distorts the messages? They simply leave him, and then other entities of lower levels take the place and give messages making the medium believe that the Masters of Light are still present.
Rarely do the medium and the assistants realize the substitution, because the entities of error are very clever on this aspect, and in this way, obviously in good faith, they begin receiving and spreading falsehoods.
The senseless messages that we constantly listen to from many unbalance mediums and those messages that hurt the common sense have this source.
The Masters of Light cannot prevent this to happen because they respect the free will of incarnated beings, but they perceive it with sorrow (Beings of Light don't suffer for them but for the others) and they see how the medium and other people are deceived in their good faith.
5) The fifth obstacle is related to engrams in restimulation that the medium can have. Engrams operate as hypnotic orders, the mental decoder of the medium can receive an idea well, but due to engrams, the idea can be distorted (always automatically, since engrams don't depend on will).
For example, if a medium has implanted in his reactive mind the content that says "God does not exist", it will be impossible for the spiritual entities to transmit the idea that God exists. That is to say, if the base is wrong, no message will be reliable.
6) The sixth obstacle is related to aggressiveness from the assistants to a mediumistic session that can destabilize the fragile organism of the medium and the channeled entity.
The accuracy of the transmission in these circumstances is damaged, and it can even make "jump" the channeled entity from the vessel.
The more elevated the medium is, the more easily he can be destabilized. After a fact of this kind, during several days the medium suffers, inevitably of physical and psychical dysfunctions.
Why the case of Jorge Olguin would be different?
 The answer is very simple. In human history there is always a trailblazer, who in fact embodies with the mission to give a new impulse to mankind.
This can be seen when somebody always marks the highest point in the race in a certain moment. In the field of mediumship, the professor Jorge Olguin is one of these pioneers. He is in the entire world one of the four mediums capable to channel the Christic Energy (the Christ) and the first, and only one who could channel an Eloah (Yahweh). Any other medium would have been destroyed by the tremendous energy of these entities.
On the other hand, Jorge, as a spirit, is in the 5 vibrational plane, the highest level that a spirit can reach, his accuracy of transmission is 95% and it reaches almost 100% when he examines the recorded material and he corrects it, in that moment, he is also helped by his own Thetan (Johnakan Ur-El) and other higher entities.
There are many historical references to this kind of communications between men and entities of the spiritual planes. All great millenarian religions keep, and thus we can state it in books that they have bequeathed to us, concrete references to this fact.
The Bible, the sacred book of the Judaic-Christian religion, relates an episode that happened more than one thousand years before the birth of Jesus.
In those days, the King Saul exiled all fortune tellers and necromancers from Israel, because the Law of Moses formally prohibited evoking the dead. And nevertheless, Saul himself, frightened by the power that the philistines had, looked for a clandestine clairvoyance, because he wanted to get some advice from the Prophet Samuel, who had just passed away.
He managed to locate a clairvoyant, a magician from Endor. He quickly went to the house of that woman wearing old clothes in order to not be recognized. He was able to get a mediumistic communication. It was there when Samuel said to Saul: - Why do you disturb me evoking me?
In mythological stories, Ulysses used to consult the fortune teller Tiresias (10th song of the Odyssey) and Atossa summoned to King Darius (Persians, Aeschylus). We also read from the poems of Gilgamesh, the hero Assyrian, when he communicates with his friend Endiku, who had died long ago.
From many centuries there have always been Christian people asking favors from their saints, in the belief that they could listen to them and take care of their requirements. This was endorsed by the Catholic Church itself, however, later on the catholic church banned any attempts or communication with the spirits – This proves that they considered mediumship possible – because they decided to proscribe the ancient Hebrew laws.
In the New Testament it is said that God grants diverse spiritual gifts.
These include the gift of discernment of spirits (1 Cor, 12, 10), but the authorities of the church decided at the time that this gift of communication, mentioned by St. Paul, had not been granted to everybody and they agreed to prevent parishioners from possible contacts with evil spirits. The real thing, however, is the belief that it’s possible the communication with entities that inhabit the spiritual world and that is acknowledged for thousands of years by all religions.
Unfortunately, in the West, due to religious prohibition and fear of being burned at the stake, the vast majority of parishioners refrained from attempting any communication with the spirits.
On this subject there is eagerness of mediumistic communication and consulting loved ones who have left the physical plane or to find out future events by means of the spiritual precognition. They leave aside the most important thing: the messages of the Masters of Light which can guide the evolutionary pathway of man.
That's why the first part of this treaty consists of dialogues with several spiritual Entities of Light, that through mediumistic contacts, they give different messages to guide people willing to access the pathway towards the Divine Essence.
The important thing is to realize that we are spirits in evolution and that the only way we raise is by giving Love.
Jorge Olguin.

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