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Psychointegration session:
By Jorge Raul Olguin

It is said through the revelation of the spiritual and angelic world that there is a new paradigm, a new paradigm that claims more than a decade ago that a man has no soul, but that man IS A SOUL and the soul has a body as if it were his clothing. This paradigm is to be understood in the sense that only a 10% of the spirit embodies and the other 90% of our spiritual essence remains in the respective supraphysical plane. 

This 10% has huge strength, so huge that it can shake his 90%. I clarify it in which sense I say it. My spiritual part said at some point and repeatedly that the physical plane is like a gravity well, it's like a black hole that pulls us down, and it is true because although we embody to enjoy the five senses, sometimes those five senses play against us because they create dependency on us, the five senses create dependency. We need caresses, we need affection, we need to feel the warmth of the sun, etc. However at the same time, our incarnated part, we, as humans, are prey of the ego, which is the most ferocious instrument to subdue us, and the ego, as I have said it many times, is not an independent object of us, the ego is part of ourselves, it’s the role that we play, and one of the most pernicious roles of the ego is the religious fanaticism because fanaticism takes away from us the discernment, fanaticism takes from us coherence, it takes from us common sense, fanaticism creates dependency, it is unreasoning bigotry, fanaticism turns deaf and blind to the religious person. One understands but does not want to understand, if the pun is accepted. 

And I want to talk about exclusively to religious fanaticism, religious fanaticism in which Catholic parents take to baptize a little boy and the boy says: “through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault” when that child is not guilty of anything because in his 8 years of life he has not committed hostile acts, let’s not talk about past lives. 

Now I want to talk about exclusively to the present life of each one of us, an 8-year-old boy, with exceptions, commits mischief not hostile acts, then, by instilling guilt, which means implanting engrams or instilling guilt complex to a boy or a girl, it’s absolutely a hostile act with the aggravation that as I said in other occasions that there are different categories of ego, one is self-importance or superiority, which means a cocktail or whatever you want to call it, it would be a dose of pedantry, a dose of petulance, a dose of narcissism, that famous air of arrogance of those who supposedly represent the Father and they cannot be objected because they are the “owners of the truth”, in this case their truth.

As an aggravating issue let’s not talk about the Protestant Church and its several denominations that worship Jehovah, the Eloah of the Old Testament, because we know very well that this “god” was a cruel and despotic being, who was the accomplice along with Moses of thousands of deaths, tortured people, impalements, rape, useless sacrifice of babies and old people. No, let's talk about ordinary Catholics, not Protestants, who although don’t have this fanaticism like the Protestant Christians, in some countries of America they are called 'evangelical', they do have some cruelty to those who do not share their doctrine, word that I detect as dogma. 

Many years ago, 16 or 17 years ago, I met an elderly woman who was minister of the Eucharist in a charismatic church in Belgrano - Buenos Aires – she helped the priests in ceremonies, masses which were good because they were sung, they played the guitar, but I met this older person in her private life. She was an absolutely ruthless, despotic person who subjected physically and morally to her daughter, her daughter was forty-some years old and she had gone when she was a child to a convent school where she was tortured, not whipped, that would have been the top of it, but she did walk barefoot in winter over rice, they soaked her clothes in the rain in winter as a punishment for having prayed less, and when the daughter grew up, she reproached her mother, and the mother said: 'it's not my fault, tell it to God'. Let’s say that this Eucharistic minister along with others transformed herself in a sort of Pontius Pilate washing his hands in the bowl. Some time ago, about 21 or 22 years ago, the father of a classmate who was at 4th grade elementary with my daughter, he used to talk badly about the Roman curia, their luxuries, their betrayals in red robes, in the golden temples, in his paintings of thousands of dollars, and its contradictions. being that his daughter was taking communion that weekend, he argued that he did it 50% of family tradition and 50% because her daughter had Jesus with her, putting a limit to the love and understanding of Jesus to a useless ceremony, thinking surely in a way so closed of thinking and so narrow that if the child does not fulfill this ceremony Jesus will not be with her. 

It is not a way to offend Jesus, obviously Jesus will not be offended because he is above the ego, but. Isn’t a way of offending Jesus thinking that if the child does not fulfill certain ceremony he/she is not going to be with him or the Father? Isn’t a narrow mindset thinking that if the child does not fulfill certain ritual, no matter the excellent behavior of the creature, he/she will not be chosen in the celestial areas? That kind of thinking really upsets me, it disturbs my judgment, and sometimes I doubt of the coherence of the human race, I don’t want to be extremist. 

And now let’s talk about fundamentalism in some Eastern countries where directly they speak about 'holy wars'. Talking about holy wars it would like flowers without scent, like talking about light, which does not shine, like talking about water, which does not wet, like talking about loss without pain, it makes no sense to speak about a “holy war” it would be like talking about a merciful murderer; it does not make sense, no coherence, no common sense at all.

As I usually say to my patients, if they want to believe in something they don’t have to use faith, instead they must use common sense, using coherence, and people do not use coherence. 

So I do not want to go so far talking about this type of bigotry in a particular country, because I do not want to be against anyone or anybody or put myself against them, I'm just taking about my opinion, I’m not invalidating anyone, I’m not criticizing, but if a daughter of mine blew herself up committing suicide and killing thirty people so-called "enemies", How could I celebrate a party at my house? As I have read in several newspapers, I have watched in TV news or from the Internet that instead of being distressed by the pain of losing a daughter, they celebrate the killing of thirty of their enemies. That kind of actions I cannot understand, it’s like eating a rotten mushroom. 

Now, if I analyzed the DNA of the discoverer of a vaccine that saves many people and I analyzed the DNA of this religious fanatic, I will find that they have the same DNA; if some day they perform an autopsy of their brains, they are not going to find differences. This goes for those skeptics who do not believe in the spirit, or at least they should give a logical explanation for both cases, those skeptics who criticize what one does, I hope they give an alternative explanation of why these behaviors happen, and I do not talk about upbringing or customs because I know about people whose parents were alcoholic, the mother was a prostitute and now they are excellent doctors, parents, grandparents, great human beings, do not put the argument: 'they were raised in an evil way, their families were like that’, no, I do not accept it , I have known that it is not the case, closer than they will imagine. 

Religious fanaticism is negative, I think in the Path to the Father, and I think that the pathway to the Father is related with service, which is love in action. 

What many people have not understood yet, and I even said it many times, it’s not bad to repeat it once again, SERVICE is rather simple, it is very simple, it is not necessary to be a doctor in a place of war or to be like the Mother Teresa of Calcutta, although it is commendable what they have done, because if everyone thought that way most people would abstain and they will say they don’t have time or they cannot do that or they don’t have that possibility. 

So, I say to all those who think that about service, which is as simple as it is. First and foremost, one must be in a good vibe, trying to be sympathetic, but not loved because of personal satisfaction or ego, saying 'this society accepts me', but acting naturally as breathing. Second, be in a good vibe. Third, being in a high tone scale, I know that on the physical plane this is not easy because we have problems every day, every day the same people around us sabotages us, even our beloved ones sabotage against us unwittingly or without realizing it, but hey, we cannot rend our skin whenever we have a problem, but trying to remain aloof, I do not want to be misunderstood, not remaining aloof from the problem, but aloof from a rise of adrenaline. That is to remain detached momentarily from the problem to maintain control of ourselves, being harmonious with ourselves and then face the problem and try to fix it, that means temporarily remain aloof. 

But many people we see every day-in the religious fanaticism they live permanently- forget the foot-washing that John describes in the fourth gospel, which says 'If I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also should wash one another's feet’. You see that Jesus knelt  before them and washed their feet, this is not a humiliation, this would be metaphorically a kind of service so that they know that nothing is broken within him while doing this, so when Jesus is not with us physically we may do the same '. The meaning of the washing of feet, which is still foolishly performed by the Catholic priests does not mean THAT, it meant that even the greatest spiritual man could do the simplest and the most humble work, without losing anything. Now if you look at the customs of the current bishops you will see that they do the opposite, they put the hand so that others kiss the ring in the hand, and they raise their heads arrogantly so that others incline to them, which is the opposite of what supposedly his master taught.

So it’s enough of “through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault”. A child is not guilty of anything, at most the fault belongs to the elderly who are teaching him in that way, they are allowing that others create guilt complexes in the children, they create engrams, and we have to “fight” that, I say fight with quotation marks because I do not like the word 'fight' because it could not be synonymous with violence, I would have to compete against such close-minded society, so strictly closed that does not allow other opinions, even if that opinion is the only valid opinion about service.

I will end this session by saying, so that I can complete this short session, for men and women who are afraid to do service because they say 'no, this is too much for me', doing service means to open the door and let pass an elderly person with kindness, with a smile, give up your seat to a pregnant lady or a senior on a bus, going to pay a bill to the bank and smile at the person who collects money from you, or start a conversation in a row when you're in line to pay for something and talk to people and sympathize and empathize with them, being empathetic... 

Being empathic is “higher” between quotation marks because nothing is superior to nothing-to be sympathetic is the external, having a nice presence to the other, "empathic" is to empathize with the other from the outside and from the inside, it would be an inner sympathy empathizing with others, enjoy the embrace of another, that is why I always try to spread the theme about hugging and who are not afraid to hug because the hug, thanks to God is contagious, and the good vibes can be contagious in the same way that negative vibration can also be contagious.

I will end this session with a joke: Let’s not be * droopies, those who say 'how are you?', 'I am happy', looking like droopy. We're really happy, we all have losses. A few months ago I had a loss and I am here at the front, not of battle, I hate that word, in front of the Light and I am a human being like all of you with dozens of mistakes and I still make mistakes daily and I hope someday to learn. Thank You.

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