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Psychointegration Session
By Jorge Raul Olguin.

Egotistical personal love is a huge topic, it has many definitions, it’s a possessive love, it’s a manipulative love, it’s a love which is offended, it’s a love that demands, but almost never gives, it is a love that usually provokes suffering, it is a love that only has one name. Many people practice this egotistical love by demanding, by pushing, by asking, but not giving anything in return. Egotistical love has little feeling although it has a lot of emotion, it has passion, it’s a love that can be very strong, but being egotistical it will always be subjected to the roles of ego.

Egotistical love demands much more than it gives, and when it does not get the expected reciprocation, it can be consumed by rage, the resentment can grow, sometimes it can look for revenge and is disguised as indifference, this egotistical love is pretty subjective. There is another personal Love which is full of sentiment and full of reciprocal respect, a Love which is also seasoned with desire, but it does not manipulate. Egotistical love has the same jealousy that “common personal love," badly called ‘common,’ but with excessive jealousy. Generally the egotistical love is on the opposite side of impersonal Love, almost never seeks to manipulate directly, it seeks to manipulate from subtlety, it seeks to manipulate from an important position, it seeks to manipulate using strategy games.

Generally, and this is very dangerous, the egotistical love contaminates the other person, because it’s supposed to happen between two people and the other person can also be contaminated with this egotistical personal love and react accordingly, also trying to manipulate and taking similar behaviors, obviously that it’s a very long-suffering love, it’s a love where both parties end up damaged, a love in which situations are not cleared up, a love in which the spirits are involved, or generally the spirit makes the 10% incarnated take part in it. We are saying that if the physical part is involved in this egotistical love, the soul and the spirit will also feel it accordingly, because the physical being transmits to the soul that hurtful emotion, which is generally a painful emotion that creates engrams.

Can this personal love be treated? Yes, obviously that it can be treated, but in order to do so, it is important that the person understands that he/she is suffering from this egotistical love, just like the person who is suffering from a certain dependency, the first step to treat it and eradicate this dependency, is to admit it! Just like the person who is dependent on a drug, alcohol, tobacco or any other herb, the person must first recognize that he/she is dependent.

Here we are not trying to extirpate love, but to modify it, it’s possible to modify this love so that the person, somehow, be free from his/her egotistical part, which is the part that immerses his/her love in pain. With this sentence we conclude the introduction of this egotistical love.

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