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Psychointegration Session


By Jorge Raul Olguin.

We, as human beings, make mistakes all the time, I include myself, whenever we give value to trivial things, we left aside transcendent things. We all are fallible beings and not always do we take the right decisions, but the important thing is the honest concern that we have about ourselves and the people around us.

Sometimes panic and fear overwhelm us, different kinds of fears, physical fears, fears about our job, fears about economic decisions we have to take. And this is not bad, not bad in the sense that although we have a mental idea that tells us ‘no’ to attachments or being worried about what surrounds us, but it is very difficult to be on the physical plane without feeling attachments for certain things. We are fond of a house, our environment; we are fond of our way of life, our job and the people around us. Are we fond of these things? Are we used to them? Sometimes we are accustomed to working or we are used to live a way of life. Either of them indicates somehow a certain attachment. Then, when a change is imminent whatever its nature may be, it can be a physical change, an intervention, changes in our work, personal changes, house moving... we will always have a certain anxiety and we are not going to say that everything has to do with roles of ego.

I understand that every human being, even the one who has the ego more integrated, will always be surrounded by doubts and some fears, anxieties that obviously are going to alter the psychophysical state of that person and this is normal. When I say that it’s normal it does not mean that I approve it, because I know that there are different types of people. There are people who face an imminent change and they are cold as ice and there are other people who are totally motivated in terms of a state of anxiety.

The important thing is to focus. Here we are not imposing anything, we have to reason here. The important thing is to focus soaking ourselves in optimism whenever we face any change. I cannot be a hypocrite and say: "A change is not going to affect me" because it affects everything, even a simple house moving always affects. It’s stressful to carry things, any change is stressful, an emotional breakdown, a labor change, personally everything affects. And that person who says that it does not affect it’s because he/she is not from this world. It may be an attachment, it may be a habit, but it affects.

If we are soaked in optimism, not imposing it, but reasoning it, we are going to feel the momentum, the desire, the will or determination. Surely the transmutation will be more bearable; that change and everything we are going to face will be more bearable.

This has nothing to do with confronting everything by hitting our heads against the wall. It has to do with confronting things using our reasoning, with courage, optimism, and we ourselves can change our energy and that makes us somehow stronger, morally, spiritually, psychologically and physically, in order to face circumstances that might be otherwise challenging, if this word is allowed.

Whenever we are in anxiety about something we are going to feel a kind of tingling in the solar plexus chakra, which sometimes can make that our stomach be closed or opened too much, and when there is an impending change or we have to face something, even if we put more optimism, it’s very difficult to remove that feeling. Then, here we have the cute thing, to project.

It would seem that I’m changing the topic, but there is a method, which was not created by me, but somehow it was reinvented by me, it’s called "focusing beyond the focus." Translated into English it has to do with the Japanese technique called Karate, when we are about to hit a piece of wood, we always have to make a mental focus visualizing the wooden piece 10 or 15cm beyond where it actually is. Then, when we aim with our fist to break the wooden piece, we do not aim at the wood, but we make a focus 20cm further back and mentally, energetically we will develop more power in our fist because the real wood does not exist for our mind. The wooden piece that exists is located further back, which does not really exist. Then, obviously being prepared, not everybody is going to make it because they will break their hands; this wooden piece is going to be broken as if it weren’t there. That is to make focus beyond the focus. Although great Senseis, who are teachers in Japanese, have developed this many decades ago, I have perfected this technique.

Well, I transfer the same technique to life circumstances. I have a certain circumstance on a certain day and I make focus 10 or 20 days beyond and I project what I will be doing 10 or 20 in the future: what I will be doing that date How I’m going to be enjoying that day. Then, the wooden piece; that particular circumstance that will happen on that day, it could be an intervention, a signature of separation, a new employment contract, a final talk with a certain person etc. That date will be an illusory date because I'm going to be thinking beyond of that circumstance, making focus beyond the focus. And although the focus is not going to erase that day, it will make it unimportant in the end. Then, when the circumstance becomes inconsequential I’m not going to suffer so much in my stomach because my mind is going to be with the focus 20 days later, just like the wooden piece that does not exist.

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