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Psychointegration Session
By Jorge Raul Olguin

In the spiritual world there are plenty of pathways to reach the Absolute, infinite pathways. Even in our world, the planet Earth, there are plenty of routes: Catholic apostolic, Christian, Christian dissidents, who call themselves evangelical or Protestant, Muslim, Jewish, Shintoist , Buddhist ... there are a lot of routes.

I can say that although it is important to have a pathway for those who need to hold on to something besides than themselves, until they learn to hold on to themselves, it is still a good result because somehow they come closer to what the spiritual part is. The failure is that many of these routes are doctrinaire, quite dogmatic, they sow fear and a misunderstood respect to the alleged Creator, they lead their disciples based on a system of rewards and punishments: “Do such work and you will get a reward, if you are indifferent you will be punished and so on,” when the right thing, the real issue is that our actions bring consequences, they can be a good or bad consequences according to our own actions, if they are altruistic or hostile. This is the real message, although there are several ways we can approach God, the correct way is by doing altruistic actions, absolutely altruistic actions.

We have a great enemy, which is our ego and its roles, the person who has roles of ego is offended easily, he/she gets angry. An egotistical person is very touchy, I even know many people who began in the path of Light and due to various reasons, while walking the path, they became touchy, they were offended and failed, they left the Path of Light and they feel resentful. It is easier to blame the environment around them instead of taking responsibility of their own actions, because the ego never takes responsibility and the person, who is controlled by the ego, makes other people responsible of that failure. And the problem of making other people responsible is that that the person is never going to be responsible for his/her own actions, and second; that person will have a tremendous resentment; that person is going to feel rejected, he/she will feel that others did not approved him/her, and we already know that seeking the approval of others is also a role of ego.

Although there are people who have no knowledge, there is no justification to fall prey to those roles of ego, but I also know many people who have great knowledge and they also fell prey to those roles of ego and that is more serious because the responsibility of the person who has more knowledge is greater, and if that person allows the ego to take control over his/her behavior, it’s a potential liability... so to speak.

There is no method, except Psychointegration; that somehow eradicates the ego and its roles and integrates them into a central Self, there is no particular method to keep control of these roles. What I always say: ‘We should be like spectators of that movie we call life,’ and if we learned to look at things from the outside, as if we were behind the glass, we would see that sometimes it sound ridiculous to our ears these whimsical attitudes, these positions that make us become stubborn, absolutely touchy, full of prejudice and so on.

One can never reach the Light with prejudice and being touchy, it’s one of the biggest weaknesses the human being has, one of the greatest weaknesses.

Another role of ego is to live always competing. We do not have to compete against anyone, we have to compete against ourselves in order to be better every day, but never, at least not for now, to aim infallibility because we are fallible, we are beings looking for perfection, but it will take a lot time for it, until we merge with the Creator. 

Meanwhile, we are in the quest and we should not be cruel to ourselves, maybe we can be demanding to be every day a better person, but not cruel to ourselves when we fail at something and condemning ourselves. I myself, as a teacher, make mistakes every day, but I learned a very valuable lesson, I learned to laugh at myself, not to laugh at my failures, I learned to laugh at myself and at my mistakes. However, I know that if I fail God will give me another opportunity to redeem myself tomorrow and try to do that same work, not for me, but for others.

However, I know many people who walked the path of Light and in the first or second problem they found, they already abandoned that path. And not only did they abandon it, they blamed others for their abandonment, and that is more damaging because they don’t take their own responsibility.

The most important thing on the path of Light is keep moving, neither slow nor fast, we must go on, but never forgetting to enjoy the meanwhile because it’s an aphorism that I wrote many years ago: "The goal is the quest," which means that to reach that goal, first, the quest should be enjoyed.

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