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Psychointegration session
Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin

Some people will say: "Oh there is a spiritual guide," others will say: "Look, He is an entity of Light". Spiritual guide, Entity of Llight, are words from the physical plane that have no significance in the spiritual world, they are used in order to be understood on the physical plane.

If I have to give recommendations, yes, I do remember an embodied being, who as a pure spirit is now in the plane 5. On the physical plane he was known as Og Mandino. I agree with his way of thinking, even though most of his years on the physical plane he suffered from many crises and engrams, And although he disembodied with engrams, with a big inner strength he managed to change his pessimistic behavior.

He said he was born to succeed, not to fail, he was born to succeed, not to bow his head in defeat and he was born to savor victories, to celebrate them and not to whine and complain. Because that spirit, who thinks in failure, does it based on the roles of victim. That spirit who bows the head because it feels unattractive to face success. That spirit who whines and complains usually does it in order to manipulate others with the role of victim and to justify himself.

Many spirits rise as a sign of victory saying: "I FEEL A BETTER PERSON, DIFFERENT” and it is fine that they think in that way; that's not narcissism; That is to understand that they can achieve goals; that is to understand that they can reverse their pessimistic attitude. The thing is, as the master Johnakan says, to do everything with balance. One can be triumphant, but without taking an egotistical attitude that makes no sense.

This spirit who embodied as Og Mandino said: "Never again will I greet the dawn without a map", and It’s Okay that it’s so. Euphoria remains high with balance and practical projects, accessible projects. Let’s not think about castles in the clouds, or inaccessible excursions, let’s think about logical things, coherent things, which are affordable. This does not mean that we put limits to our dreams; this means that we extend our hands to reach the sun of triumph.

Many spirits feel invaded by a joyful anticipation, of course, because they savor the future victory to come, not from an egotistical and narcissistic position, but from a dignified position, and always thinking that once they are back on their feet, strong, they can stretch a helping hand to others.

As the master Johnakan says, it was etched on this physical plane to be triumphalist: "I will always bathe my days in the golden glow of enthusiasm." Of course you do, enthusiasm moves the endorphins, it gives you health and it does not allow that depression takes over the embodied being. It is a matter of attitude; it’s a matter of understanding what brings goodness to us.

The entity that plans feels the owner of a wonderful power, the power of enthusiasm, the power to influence his own thoughts, the power to influence the actions of others when they are next to the other person, I mean positive influence, do not confuse it with manipulation. You are a being who has enthusiasm, a being who has strength, of course you influence others, you transmit euphoria and strength. Everything is transmitted.

I mention the case of the Spirit who embodied as Og Mandino because he explained that whenever he was frowning his face, in turn he used to see a frowning face everywhere, but Johnakan said it already, the universe is like a mirror, it reflects what we give. Whenever he responded angrily, angered voices replied to him, whenever he was complaining, severe glances stared at him, when he was always cursing, hatred stared back at him. His own actions condemned him to the world where nobody smiled at him ever, the world of the failures. Because the universe is like a mirror, that strong spirit, although incapable to eradicate his engrams, could float on the sea surface of doubt and proclaimed that he would never be rude to some living being, because politeness is also transmitted. You're polite, you are kind, you are courageous, optimistic and they smile back at you, you get energy back, a clap to those who live in doubt. You spread your fun, your praise and smile. Being concerned about the others is so beneficial to those who grant and those who receive the favors. It is a round trip, a feedback. That's important.

It’s truly important that every embodied being understands that the sun does not always shine; the grapes are not always ripe. Do not think that you have all served, you must find the outcome, although it is at hand, you have to make your move. The effort is good and being negative means double effort, breaking the balance. However, it's good to win by your own effort. It is good to reach a goal, even though it seems difficult, after having endeavored, it’s a merit of the person who did so. There will be things that will be presented simple and it’s fine that it’s so; there will be things that cannot be achieved. Seek out for new goals, because the spirit that got back on his feet said: "I will always look for the seed of triumph in every adversity."

How important it is not to be sunk in the swamp of monotony, how important it is not to be sunk into the morass of depression. Of course sometimes we stand on a narrow edge, of course you do. Just finding a seed of triumph in adversity is a greater merit; that’s why I give so much emphasis on balance.

How many times have we deceived ourselves, how many times! How many times we have thought that the world was unfair to us when we made no effort to change the world, How many times! How often we find excuses for not doing the job properly rather than spend the effort to improve our quality! "WHAT A JOB". That’s why the spirit that manages to get by says: "I'll never do a job if it’s not done in the best way I can."

A contact, the one from a channeler and an entity must be done responsibly, valiantly, with the seriousness of the case. Many people will be reached by the message, some will digest it and absorb all that fruit, others would not pay attention to the message because it is not their time, and you must accept it, because trying to convince anyone who is not yet on time means a waste of efforts in so many directions without reaching any goal, none. If you have two arms, you cannot try to save 30 people at a time in a shipwreck, you will save one, after another, methodically and you will attain results. Will you save all of them?, I don’t know, only Eon knows that answer, but at least we put the effort to do the job in the best way possible; that's the most important thing, put your whole being in the task you have at hand; that's the most important thing.

Many times the opportunity is presented before us, but we must not wait for it sitting idly. Come out and look for it, because if you wait that's not balance. The most important thing is to understand that EVERYONE IS IMPORTANT. The most important thing is to understand that OUR NEIGHBOR IS IMPORTANT, but we cannot see our neighbor if we don’t see inside ourselves first, to wake up and see what surrounds us and embrace all those souls.

How important it is to understand the other, how important it is to be compassionate to those who need encouragement, it is important to be sympathetic to the mistakes of others, but that does not mean that we justify everything. It has nothing to do with justifying mistakes, but trying to understand that all human beings, even spiritual entities can be fallible, because the only one perfect is the Absolute. Everyone else, even those beings in the plane of Light are learning, and blessed we are because we can learn. As once said this vessel that channels me gently, "I am a Master, I would be hypocrite if I deny it, but I will be a student until the last day of my existence." So long.

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