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Psychointegration Session
By Jorge Raul Olguin

There are many issues to deal with. In the 60s, during the twentieth century... There were many communities in New York, Hebrew, Chinese, African, Italian, etc... The extent to which a person’s haughtiness or dominance, controls the situation... A person who was in a higher place asked a favor to an Italian immigrant under a threat of taking him back to his country. The Italian immigrant responds the dialogue saying: "I have done so much good to America. On the other hand, as a matter of respect, you would have to respect us, because we all have something I have not noticed in others. Black people have their community, Chinese people have their community, we Italians, have our community. We help and we can help others, but we are family. What do you guys have? ". And the American agent replies:- "Ah! We have America! And you are here passing by it’s that simple ". That ended the argument. He ended the debate because he had the power. Maybe this has nothing to do with what comes next, right?

I respect communities a lot. Many people who have heard my previous sessions will say: "but how? Isn’t true that the spirit is individual and at the same time comes together as a spirit? And that spirit has no creed, no race, no religion or bank account... how come you now support communities? ". I do not support a community by the community itself. Neither do I support all communities. I am interested in what they feel as a family and I care about what the Italian person said. We are strong as a community because we are a big family and we bolster each other. At the same time, once we are strong, spiritually, economically, we help others.

There are other worlds, for many of you they will be imaginary worlds, those who do not believe in other worlds, where the communion lies in the entire planet. They support each other and they compete to see who gives more. Not like in this world where many people compete to see who takes over the other. Then it’s not bad to support a community, not bad to feel empathetic to such communities. Obviously the ideal thing would be to have a global community, but there is a long way ahead for that to happen... Not because of political disagreements, although there are many, but due to religious differences. Differences of concepts. We know that in some Eastern countries, unfortunately, they take religion to an extent that it contradicts the teachings of its masters, waging war on religion. The less serious cases are the famous rituals of some religious groups in certain countries where I have seen pictures of young children who flog themselves. There are more severe cases in which there are children who are trained to kill themselves, and they are treated as valuable people if during their attack they carry away to the spiritual world dozens of other people from other creeds.

Obviously that there will never be a general community, as long as there are small extremist groups that are unsympathetic to what the true spirituality really is. Groups that instead of helping each other, they cripple the other's hand. Groups that take as something normal the abuse to other groups. Groups that take as something normal to invalidate other people. Even in countries that you all know as “civilized” it happens exactly the same thing but with more subtle ways. They also invalidate others, they reach positions of power when they have no preparation... But do not misunderstand me! Here we are not talking about discrimination to those who have not been prepared.

If you had a little boy, you would want to have a well prepared teacher to teach him, not a teenager who just have a couple of courses more than the younger one, because he does not teach anything. So in those positions of power, I dislike this phrase, I understand that they should be occupied by people who are prepared, not only culturally but also spiritually. Because someone who is running a country, a city, a corporative center, the least he has to have is preparation of conscience first. I see that as something more important than cultural preparation. However, if somehow due to abuse of power or arrangements, they put in control a sinister character who all that wants is to seek his own benefit, obviously every time the idea of ​​a general community is even farther away. It’s far because there are many vested interests that these communities are not formed. That’s why I gave the example at the beginning of this little dialogue about the American agent trying to subdue, in a way, the Italian immigrant who had created a small community.
-We have a community! You guys what you have?
- Ha ha ha! We have America!

I think that the patriot is not only the one who loves his country, but I think that the patriot is someone who loves the people who live in his country as well. And I speak about patriotism in the transitional sense, because our country should be our planet Earth, Sun 3, or whatever you want to call it Gaia, Mother Earth etc... This is our homeland. Yesterday I found a beautiful scenario, a world without borders, without religions, where the spiritual path is one without dogmas or doctrines. That is what is being proposed at this time. Until this happens, this famous change announced from two decades ago, is not going to happen. There will be small isolated groups; they will proclaim that change of consciousness and nothing else. I'm optimistic, but I'm realistic.

In Misiones, a province of Argentina, I was reading in the newspaper that they are allowing vested interests, illegal hunting. All hunting should be illegal! And at this time in a province of Argentina, there are just 50 (Jaguars). 50! Nothing! As I said a moment ago, the time will come when a (jaguar) is going to be found in a museum and that’s a tremendous shame.

I repeat what I said before. The spirit has no communities. In the higher planes of Light the Spirits are all together, with a single thought, which is Love And Service. However, it’s not bad to start from small things. That these communities do not become in selfish structures, structures that think only about to feed themselves, but to think about others. In that way a human being transcends, thinking about others; that these communities transcend thinking about other communities. And so one after another. And to form a domino effect. Love, love and love!

Let’s stop separatism. Stop selfishness! No more indifference! No more buts! Because some buts often invalidate people. When I suddenly say, "I have an appointment with you at 17:00, but I may be late because the bus is delayed," I am giving an explanation of why I can be late a few minutes. But there are many egotistical BUTS that invalidate. Let's avoid the ‘but.’ Avoid trying to own the truth. Avoid, if possible, from the bottom of our hearts, trying to excel invalidating others. It seems perfect that every day we try to create, but once I said 13 years ago that we cannot build a golden castle with a foundation made of clay. We cannot be happy at the expense of the misery of others. I couldn’t be. Could you?

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