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Psychointegration Session


By Jorge Raul Olguin.

First part:

In most of the cases in the various branches of Scientology and Dianetics, since in Central America and in part of South America they have separated many traditional branches of Scientology issued by Ron Hubbard in the mid-twentieth century. I do not mean that the new Scientology is inaccurate or accurate because it is not in me to judge which one is the best or which one is the worst. It would be unethical to say that. I do want to make clear that I have personally met people OT 3 perfectly clear, and yet they fall into dramas of control and the explanation is that they still have their roles of ego not integrated. 

The roles of ego are not treated by Dianetics and Scientology and they are not covered in the Lacanian and Freudian psychologies either. Freudian and Lacanian psychologies speak of the ID, the ego and the superego. The famous ID is the child who asks, the one who demands, the ego is the one who moderates, but sometimes yields unbeknownst to everyone. It grants to the ID and all that the ID demands. And then there is the superego which is the censor, the one who prosecutes. I always explained that the ID, the ego and the superego from the Freudian psychology are different roles of ego.

Let’s start with a practical example about the ego that demands. A person who has lung problems and says no, no, no, I speak figuratively, the ego says he should not smoke because It’s injurious to health, even more if the person has problems with the lungs. And the ID says this: “Come on! Please, one more cigarette is not going to harm you. Go on smoke.” Then the ego gives in to the desire of the ID and lights a cigarette and smokes. Once the desire of smoking is satisfied, the superego, which is the censor, creates guilt complexes: “Have you seen what you've done? Look at the rebuke that I have to give you, you're a lost cause...” Let’s not say that there are three people who talk to each another, everything is in the mind of a single person. The ID demands, the ego says no, no, no, I do have to care of myself, but in the end it yields to the temptation. Once the act is consummated the superego, the one who criticizes, says: “Look at what you have done, you have given in, you are not reliable.” All of them are roles of ego that somehow create a kind of competition in the mind of the person who is dominated by those roles of ego.

Then, many times I wondered, when I first began to investigate about the roles of ego, why so many beings who apparently were clear, they had no engrams, continued to behave in a manner not consistent with the state of being clear that they claimed to be in control of. Well, it was because of these roles of ego. The roles of ego that manipulated that person. 

Subsequently, investigating about the spiritual planes, about which many people do not believe yet, I noticed that there was a second type of engrams which were known as the conceptual engrams that were recorded only in the conceptual plane of the spirit. And although the 10% embodied had these cellular engrams cleared up, the 90%, the spiritual part that was in the respective spiritual plane, could transmit these engrams from past lives and even reactivate the engrams of this life. Let’s say that it was a never-ending story. Then, I realized that the only way to put an end to all of this problems was to perform, “major surgery.”

Second part:

We had said that a person, who had all his engrams cleared up in the physical plane, somehow falls back into a state of depression even being cleared up, and that it was a never-ending story. 

Among the roles of ego that the person had and conceptual engrams of his/her higher-self or thetan; that person was always rising, falling, rising, falling until a certain point, as I said it was important to perform major surgery. What does major surgery mean? Psichoauditing the higher-self or thetan. In the same way that a person was audited in Dianetics, in the same way the spirit was audited. Auditing the spiritual part or the 90% not only the conceptual engrams were eradicated, but simultaneously the physical engrams were eradicated as well. 

Why many people fall apart again? Not only because of the roles of ego, but also due to various reasons, because the reactive mind is not eliminated. The fruits of the reactive mind are the ones that are eradicated. But the reactive mind can keep on creating new engrams or reactivating old engrams. The engrams are deactivated, not eliminated. Sometimes we say that the engram is eradicated because the language is poor, and because we misuse the language, we say that the engram is eliminated. The engram is deactivated, but any problem can activate the engram again. 

A while ago I said that a person who is free from cellular engrams, free from conceptual engrams and has his spiritual part and his ego integrated, but it doesn’t mean that he goes free around the world without having in his character destructive emotions. That person can have destructive emotions, the issue has to do with being aware, and the issue is to be alert. Once a patient told me: “Yes, but being alert all the time is exhausting.” I said yes, at the beginning, then you get used to it, you get used to it like breathing. You breathe automatically, your heart beats automatically... Well, at some point you're automatically alert. It has happened to me and I am the example of it because I'm teaching this technique, I've seen many things that have annoyed me because being clear does not mean that one becomes like a robot, one still has emotions, one still has feelings. There will be pleasant things and things that will be very unpleasant. And there will be things so unpleasant that you will feel how the adrenaline chokes you up, then. Even if you are clear and if you have no conceptual and cellular engrams, although the roles of ego have been controlled, you cannot avoid feeling in your stomach that little boost of emotion.

What is the difference then? That being in an automatic alert, not being aware of what one does, but being in an automatic alert is when one modifies the situation. At the moment that the adrenaline goes up one is capable to handle the situation. The issue is not to be prey to the impulses, but being capable to take control of the impulses. Let’s say that one is controlling the helm. Controlling the helm doesn’t mean that we spend all day long with our hands on the wheel, but getting used that our actions are guided by our spirits, and not being prey to our actions. It's that simple.

To understand it better, which conceptually wouldn’t have to be repeated, but the language is poor, then one has to repeat the concept to understand it better, throughout our lives, we will always be among antagonistic people, we will be surrounded with destructive criticism that reaches our ears, and the secret is not to react in an inconsistent manner. The secret is to face the facts in a coherent way. In front of the destructive criticism we can debate if that criticism can be debated. On the other hand, if we see that there is a wall of blindness or close-mindedness where no debate is allowed, we can directly ignore this criticism because we would stoop at the level of the one who is criticizing us without valid arguments.

I believe in healthy criticism, I believe that healthy criticism throughout my life has helped me to correct a hundred things. However, I don’t believe in destructive criticism, the famous line: “I do not know what this is all about, but I am against it.” I humbly believe that healthy criticism is positive for a good debate, and we all can learn from a good debate. I do not believe in the dialogue of the deaf where everyone talks at once and nobody listens.

Returning to the original topic, although dianetic auditing is an excellent technique to gradually modify our altered behaviors due to these engrams, these hypnotic implants that are recorded at the cellular level unconsciously, it’s not enough. A second technique is required, which is known as superphysical auditing of the higher self or spirit non-incarnated, which is called Psychoauditing. Both are important, it’s not enough with only one. And the third thing is to try to eradicate definitely the roles of ego that manipulate us. 

Finally, to complete this short session, it does not mean that when we have the ego integrated nothing will affect us anymore. Things will keep on affecting us as any other mortal being, as we say here on the planet Earth. Any emotional problem or feeling will still affect us being on the physical plane. The difference will be in how we react in front of those difficulties. The difference will be in how our abstract thinking, how our analytical mind will overcome over the impulses of the reactive mind. That is the real secret. 

We know that a bad impulse can bring down an entire analytical work made on weeks or months. It's like the painter who creates an excellent painting and suddenly in an outburst of rage, because something did not like him, he destroys the whole painting. That is irrational; it has nothing to do with the analytical thinking. And all the irrational thought comes from the reactive mind that although it was necessary for the primitive man, it’s unnecessary now.

If I had to give a final brushstroke on the subject I would say that the reactive mind and its fruit, the automatic reactive mind, may be slightly necessary as for a healthy stress, the stress that keeps you predisposed to face every day. Well, that automatic reactive mind can save your life when you hear a claxon and immediately you react instinctively jumping onto the sidewalk because a car can run over you. This is an automatic alert. So far I would say that this automatic reactive mind is useful only for that. 

At this moment we are “civilized beings” now I use quotation marks because I have my doubts, we have to deal with the analytical mind. The mind that allows us abstract thought, the mind that allows us to debate and enjoy the service to the other, the mind that allows us to share, which is the most beautiful thing we have. 

So repeating from the beginning, it is not enough only a treatment for engramic auditing to solve all the problems that the person may have. It’s necessary to bolster the situation with psychoauditing because the higher-self or thetan can retransmit to its embodied being engrams from past lives. And many times I had many patients who woke up with a great distress, with a lump in their throats feeling that they want to cry, sobbing, and looking over the previous days they think: “How strange I felt this anxiety because I'm good at my job, I have no health problems, at least no major problems, I'm fine with my partner, my friends hold me back, I’m also restrained, I'm fairly happy. I don’t have everything I want, but little by little I'm getting things, and to me that is more than enough.” Then where does this morning heartache come from? When the patient asks me about it, obviously that it has nothing to do with his present life, it's from a past life. And even the greatest skeptic couldn’t deny it. 

Obviously, I’m not talking about myself, I'm talking about a patient who has no problem at sight, a psychologist would say: “Well, maybe this was some unconscious alert recorded in his childhood, and blah blah blah,” all that dissertation they usually say. It may be true, I don’t rule it out. However, what happens if I make a recall with dianetic auditing, eliminating all those hostile acts, which theoretically were implanted and yet the person still has this anxiety? What’s the source of this problem? Then, those who do not believe in the afterlife and what they cannot touch, see, hear, feel or smell... it’s true that there is something beyond our senses, which is somehow oppressing us. Well, that can be reversed perfectly, it can be reversed.

All I'm saying, to end this short session, are two things. One, no technique has the magic wand, no technique heals instantly. Everything takes its time to process. Two, about the service, once the person reverses all his/her ‘problems’ it’s not mandatory that he/she has to do it in order to conquer the kingdom. That is very childish. I think that service has to come from us, not by obligation, but directly by choice, and not like the sword of Damocles over the head thinking: Oh, if I don’t do this work, well tomorrow something wrong will happen to my life! No, no, no, because that's what I've talked to other patients very advanced and I have explained to them that we are not competing with each other, not even against ourselves. If there is someone patient is God. Then God gives us all the time in the world so that we advance to higher planes. Let's not play that competition. Let’s act every day, but living as if it were the last day although it’s not the last. If you said that this is the last day, Would you still hug your brother? Just hug your brother. If you said it's the last day, Would you be with the best mood in the world? Stay with the best mood in the world. That's the secret. Do not leave things for tomorrow. Do you have to reconcile with that person you thought you'd offended? Call him! Do not leave it for tomorrow. It's nothing more than that; it’s nothing simpler than that. It's so simple, so simple that many people asked me Was that everything? Yes, that was it. The thing is that you had a blindfold on your eyes.

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