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Psychointegration Session
By Jorge Raul Olguin

In one of the many meetings where one is seeking to find out the meaning of life itself, the topic related to empathy was approached and obviously it's nice to have empathy for the person who one is providing service to, but it’s not essential. Having or not empathy does not exclude the function of being useful to a particular person. Debating about the topic we reached the conclusion that one cannot feel empathy for a person who does not like us and the other person is not compelled to have empathy for us.

Whenever you go to a certain place where there is an ‘X’ number of people perhaps you will have more or less charisma, according to the charisma that the other person has, one will have more or less success with regard to the people involved.

However, it’s obvious that you are not to like everyone. There can be a different spiritual vibration, or a difference of auric vibration, this has been proven because there are people who are going to like you and other people will dislike you too. Then you can go to a place where there are 10 people and perhaps 3 of them will like you, 4 of them will remain indifferent to you, 2 of them are going to ignore you in a 100 % and one person is going to dislike you completely.

You can force a cordial situation, showing your empathy, being kind, acting politely, but you have no way to force a situation where the empathic wave plays against you, then you cannot empathize with someone who does not like you at all, it’s impossible. And as we say when we want to convey an important message and nobody listens to you, when you transmit that word: "Do not throw pearls before swine, because instead of showing them off they are going to eat them up", "Do not waste your wisdom with a fool, because his/her time has not yet come." Bridging the gap, with an empathic relationship happens exactly the same thing. You can have a huge empathy, but you won’t be able to feel harmony with a person who ignores you, who does not pay attention to you. There are some people who have a very important auric capacity and some who do not have it, they have little auric energy and there are other people who lack of it completely.

The other night I was watching the video adapted from the book: "The Celestine Prophecy." where it talks about the different ways to absorb energy from the other person by playing the roles of ego, the role of victim, the role of inquisitor, etc.  And there are many people who will absorb your energy while being with you.

The ideal thing is to replenish the energy from the Absolute, channeling the bluish white ray from the Absolute and replenishing that energy, but due to lack the of concentration, or practice, or trust in communicating with the Father, most people do not know how to do it, then, they have energy deficit . Excluding the female gender which is often absorbed in the auric energy through a sexual relation, which is incompatible at a vibrational level.

Now let's delve on that topic. Let's talk about cases like mine where many people might want to absorb my energy through roles of inquisitor, through roles of victim, it’s very common for that to happen because people usually play a protagonist role. My defense is obviously trying to be fully alert and not falling into that trick, not falling into that trap, and not allowing that those people with roles of victim generate guilt on me, not accepting that those people with roles of inquisitor generate fear on me. In that case I have to have a huge layer of self-esteem and belief that I am doing the right thing in order to avoid that they absorb me. However, even so if they absorb me I can replenish my energy field charging me through the energy of the Absolute. But what happens when they suck such amount of energy that they empty you? It creates short circuit energy. What is that?

Perhaps you have seen an electric meter when you switch on a computer and the needle rotates very slightly. The same applies to a radio, maybe you turn on a radio and it rotates a little faster with a big TV, even if they are digital now and they do not spend much energy. When you turn on an iron or a small stove you will see that the electric meter rotates significantly faster, and if the resistance is higher, with a large electric stove, you will see that the wheel of the electric meter spins like crazy. But what would happen if both wires were in touch without any resistance? It would rotate so fast, and there would be a huge potential difference, which automatically would cause that the fuse blows up, because there would be a short circuit. If there were no fuse, surely the electrical device or the same electrical facility would collapse. With the aura it may happen something similar. If there is a great auric absorption, which provokes a large deficit of energy in a very short time, it becomes an auric short circuit and even if one is the most protected person, one is going to suffer some real physical symptoms that can be dizziness, vertigo, stomach pains, headaches, symptoms you would imagine like heart problems, hypertension, hypotension, fainting... So much that can affect the energy potential when it drops fast. And that happens when there are extreme cases of violence from the other person, an extreme role of victim, a role of inquisitor, a manipulation from which you cannot escape... And obviously that in all those cases it affects the psychophysical apparatus obviously it does, and if one does not keep up the energy replenishment, even being the most expert ‘absorber’... let’s call that to the one who absorbs energy from the Creator.

A well-given hug, empathetic, can potentially transmit energy to the other person. Obviously it will not be the same as an intimate or an erotic foreplay where one transmits that energy of love, but a good hug transmits energy too. With one difference, that a hug can be practiced by everybody, while an intimate relationship is limited to an emotion or a feeling. The embrace of love depends only on impersonal Love, and impersonal Love has nothing to do with emotion, it’s an impersonal feeling, which is important that anyone who walks the face of the Earth feels it.

It’s true what I said at the beginning: it's hard to have empathy for those who do not take us into account, but you cannot force that, because since the Absolute respects your free will, you must respect the free will of others as well, and he/she has the right to not having you in mind, as well as you have the right to make your life on your own. The important thing is to understand that we all are valuable; each one of us is unique! You are unique! if you can hear me know that you're unique. You just have to digest it, and understand that it is so.

And on the physical plane you'll always find people who are seeking to absorb your energy. The thing is that you must assume that the great energy channel is God and that little by little, understanding what God is, you can absorb from Him and no one will take your energy away.

Thank you

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