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Psychointegration Session
By Jorge Raul Olguin

How to relate dreams and projects in Psychointegration.

Through the various studies, we know that on this plane of reality we are roles, we're playing a role of father, mother, son, teacher, student, doctor, lawyer, etc… That does not mean that we don’t pay attention to the experiences of the daily life. Experiences that through various projects and dreams can come true or not, they keep us "alive". A biologist would say that the man remains still alive because he has good body functions. The heart is beating and the brain is active, but from the standpoint of the ego, I can say that a person is alive when he/she has still longings and projects, and there are still things that can produce welfare. 

I know many people who have certain age and they say: "This is no longer for me," meaning that they invalidate themselves, or young people who say: "This is impossible for me to reach it." And they exclude themselves. They cut off their own projects, their own dreams are erased. One of the roles of ego pushes a person to admit that he/she is not qualified to carry out a certain project or dream and transform it into reality. If we, as human beings, realize that although we are roles on this physical plane, and at the same time we are manipulated by other ‘selves’ known as the different roles of ego, then, we would realize that we are prisoners of an artificiality known as appearance, because the role of ego is willing to show off, the role of ego is trying to create appearances, the role of ego seeks the approval of others, etc… And then the result of the consequence appears. If I seek the approval of others and I believe, because I also judge with prejudice, that the other person is not going to approve me, I automatically disapprove myself, because I have a preconception of myself where I invalidate myself. Why does that happen? Because the ego enjoys playing the role of victim. “I can’t do this, I can’t do that”. Once the ego played the role of victim, then the ego plays the inquisitive role blaming the other person.

- You're to blame for what’s happened to me.
- My relatives were against to my plans and I didn’t study what I wanted.
- The people around me prevent me from doing my job, even though I like it, because they say I make little money.
- This society is the one that puts barriers and obstacles in front of me for so many years of my life, so I didn’t fulfill the fourth part of what I had planned when I was X years old.

Then, the ego is always looking for different ways to manipulate us. First, making us believe that we are not capable to achieve a certain project, or making us believe that it’s dangerous or making us believe that we can achieve everything. And it’s not like that. I don’t believe in the saying: "Jack of all trades, master of none", because there are people who even delegating responsibilities they are managers or supervisors of a certain company and they manage to do more than one task at a time and they do it efficiently. That’s why I don’t believe in that saying: "Jack of all trades, master of none” However, I have always given priority to balance. This means that I will not allow that my ego invalidates me, nor will I allow that my ego makes me believe that I’m almighty, because it is not like that. Neither of both. We are normal people, balanced people, I do recognize that some people are more capable than others and others are more capable to understand certain issues, because we are not all equal. It’s not true that all our souls are the same. Some people have a higher concept... Anyway that's not important, what is important is the desire that we all have within us. It is pointless for a person to be absolutely comprehensive in understanding things, but with a total lack of ability to understand the soul of the others.

I believe that every human being is capable to carry out his/her own projects. The projects must be obviously related to what one is good at. For instance, If I'm a lousy painter, I will not have an architectural project because obviously any sketch I make will be like two dots. I'll have to design a project consistent with my ability. Every human being has different skills, a gift, and some people have it since childhood with them, because they have that gift from the spiritual plane to know how to draw, or at a young age they can play music and it's great. I approve that. There are other people who have creativity and they can write stories with impressive ease... So, it is important that we are consistent with the projects we have and our skills.

You would ask me What are we? What am I good at? What topic may be good for me? And at this time I will say: I don’t know how to respond; because everyone knows inside oneself what one is longing for or what one is wishing for, etc... I know that many of you who will read this session will tell me: "Well, but my job is not what I dreamed of when I was a child. I'm doing it because I found this job and I have no other possibility." Well, for this type of people I’d say that I respect them; I admire them and I want to tell them that I often went through similar situations where I had a job I didn’t like until I reached what I believe is mine. And I did my job like a charm, because I thought that if I had to be so many hours in a particular place and I did it with lack of enthusiasm the hours would be so long as if they were weeks. However, if I do my job with love and affection, and I do it the best I can, certainly the hours will be shorter and also I will share my good mood spreading it to the people who work with me, in the case I working with others. And if I work alone, well, I'll put some music not so loud so that I do not get distracted, and not so softly so that I cannot listen to it and I’ll do my job the best I can. And I will live happy every day, never letting that project to change as long as it’s possible Changing of task, right? In the event that my job is not the one I long for.

If we integrate the ego, if we truly understand that the ego is a role and that it’s not us, we won’t be conformists. We will always aspire for more, but we won’t be dissatisfied either. We won’t say: "This is not for me, this is invalid, and this is not good for me." The eternal dissatisfied person is a person who lives bitterly. There is also important the balance. I believe that in everything is important the balance. Even to love the balance is important. At least as for personal love. And here I’ll explain why. Personal love has to be balanced too, because personal love is also part of a project. If I truly have love that I can give to others, whether family, friends etc.., I will feel complete as a human being because I have people around me that I love. Friends, relatives, acquaintances, etc...

It is assumed that personal love has obviously degrees or scales. To a mother you will love her in some way, to a co-worker you will love in another way, some people will say in a more subtle way, but it’s love after all. And believe me; this liberation of love reaches the other person. The other person perceives that, a kind of empathy is created. As well as sometimes people feel a sort of antipathy between two people who compete or are jealous of each other... For example, two young girls are working in a job and the older employee sees the new employee as an opportunistic person and throws at her energy darts of envy and the other person feels that vibration and says in her mind: "Well, you're older, but I came here to do the things better than you do." And the bad competition begins. A competition where instead of taking their hands and try to cooperate, they are hindering each other. And that is not project. That is to invalidate the project of one and the project of the other. Because the project is not only a personal project it’s also a project for the others. Every project brings euphoria. It does not matter if that project has not yet been carried out. The fact to keep it in mind brings euphoria.

And the final question -at least for today would be-: "Which one would be our tool to cut off these roles of ego, those roles that make us incapable to design a project, or make us believe that we are self-sufficient, not asking for support and then the project falls apart?" Very simple. Let’s not think so much about ourselves and think about the others. Oh! But you will ask me: "Yes, but if I don’t think about me, then. How will I carry out what I want to do?" Not thinking so much about what will happen to us. Sometimes carrying out a project is like breathing. It’s carried out unconsciously. I don’t want misunderstandings. This does not mean that if I'm going to take a test and I don’t study saying: “Well, the professor told me to let myself flow.” No, no. Obviously one has to study harder and when one has to take a test, one must not be nervous, after all, the teacher who is taking the test is a person like us with the same defects. Nobody is infallible, but God. 

We must be sure of what we want, be sure of what we do, confident that we studied, but never be self-sufficient. Always understanding that every day we can learn something new. What a pity it would be if we thought that we cannot learn anymore! Because the most beautiful thing there is, apart from teaching, is willing to learn. There will always be someone who knows something we don’t know about. Thank God it is so! Then, if we understand that these roles of ego are roles that we have to personify, let’s stop personifying, let’s be ourselves. We will not stop being children, we will not stop being parents, we will not stop being doctors, we will not stop being lawyers, we will not stop being janitors, we all will be that, but we also will be ourselves, In spirit. That spirit that came to the world to do something for the others. 

What I always say is that whenever we do something, we do it for ourselves first and when we are on our feet and satisfied - not being self-sufficient- then, we can stretch out our hands to help others. Well, let's do it! Let’s try that, we can. Let’s be ourselves without appearances and without seeking the approval of others. There will be people who will accept us; there will always be people who do not accept us and people who will be indifferent as well. Let’s not cut their path to show ourselves. Let’s leave those people make their own way and we’ll make ours. We cannot get everything. The important thing is that we get what we want. So long.

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