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Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.

Entity that came to dialogue: Master Ruanel.
Interlocutor: What’s the difference between somebody who disembodies normally and another who disembodies unexpectedly, for example, due to a violence exercised against him? They have also asked me a curious question, and it is if there is someone in charge of cutting the famous “silver cord”.[1]
Ruanel: There is no silver cord at all.
Interlocutor: But Isn’t there some type of connection?
Ruanel: Yes, but it is a virtual connection. There is no cord that should be cut or anything like that. It’s nothing more than a fantasy. As for the type of “death”, it can affect engramically to the embodied being according to how his Spiritual elevation is. For instance a Spirit of Light, like the case of Jesus who had a violent death, it doesn't affect him at all his divine plane, to such point that after he disembodied he chose to descend to the Eighth sphere. That is to say that in that moment he didn’t worry at all to have disincarnated with violence. Once he had assumed his death on the cross, in Gethsemane, and after communicating with the Creator - Eon - the event of the crucifixion was something that had to happen.
But there are beings that have such a big ego who disembody with such a big resentment for those that allegedly were responsible for their violent death that they go directly to the plan 2. They want to retaliate, to revenge and they writhe in the same way as a balloon does when one release it and it deflates in the air.
Interlocutor: Yes, I understand, they move erratically.
Ruanel: They can make it, obviously, because in the spiritual planes there are no obstacles. If they did it in the physical plane they would constantly bump to each other.
Interlocutor: Do all the spirits embody voluntarily or they somehow are obligated to embody?
Ruanel: Nobody can force them because the FREE WILL given by the Creator to all the beings without exceptions would be violated. The Spirits of Light embody in mission, and those of the planes of the error embody in order to revert their karma. But they embody joyful because they love the physical plane, they love to feel all the sensations that cannot be felt in the spiritual planes.
Interlocutor: only the spirits of error enjoy embodying to feel those physical sensations?
Ruanel: We, the Spirits of Light also love it. The fact that one can serve and be useful doesn't mean one cannot enjoy the physical plan.
Interlocutor: But it is always a risk.
Ruanel: Of course, because when the spirit embody, he loses the reincarnative memory. Although in the physical plane there is a lot of suffering, the feelings that can be perceived in this plane are so unique that everybody wants to embody.
Interlocutor: That’s interesting! I never imagined that it would be like that. Can one evolve only through incarnation?
Ruanel: No, one can also make “good acts” in the planes 2 and 3 and rise of level. There are spirits of the plane 2 that have stopped feeling resentment and they have begun to have restlessness about service and they have risen to the plane 3 without being embodied.
Interlocutor: But have they never embodied?
Ruanel: Yes, but two or three times at the most... And suddenly in the plane 3 they have begun wanting to help those of the plane 4. I remind you that the spirits of the plane 3 cannot perceive those of the plane 4.
Interlocutor: I don’t understand.
Ruanel: Sure. The spirits of the plane 4 communicate with their causal part and they have requested their help so the spirits of the plane 3 have offered their help unselfishly opening their minds so that they could see that it was not any calculation to the simple effect of rising of plane.
Indeed, there are beings of the plane 3 that speculate to rise but, obviously, while their vibration continues dense, the Spirits of the plane 4 realize that they are speculating.
It is as if there were between the plane 4 and the plane 3 a kind of E-meter, so the Spirits of the plane 4 can see if the spirits of the plane 3 are lying or not.
Interlocutor: The explanation is perfectly clear. Now I want to ask you if the spirits have a nucleus that never embodies. I ask it because Eon said that the Absolute has a core that never embodies. And I also remembered what Hermes said: “As above so below” and vice versa.
Ruanel: No, we don't have a nucleus. Spirits are totally concept. And embodies a 10% that can even be the same 10% of the previous incarnation. And I will have to leave you because the vessel is very destabilized.
Interlocutor: Master, some few questions only. I have to admit that what Eon said left me perplexed, in the sense that we are not the Absolute, but a part of the Absolute. All my philosophy was based in that we were also the Absolute.
Ruanel: For that reason the brother Saint Germain has been left aside as the director of the Violet Ray, because the “I am” not only is self-centered, but rather it doesn't represent reality, because we are not co-creators. And this had already been clarified a long time ago by Johnakan.
Interlocutor: What causes me surprise is what Eon said coincide enough with the teachings poured by religions. I remember that I read somewhere: "God was happy in himself and he wanted to make participants of his happiness to other beings." How did they know it?
Ruanel: The answer is that they didn't know it, they simply "guessed right" as you are used to say in the physical plane.
Interlocutor: I understand. Here I have a question that people also asked me: The spirits that are in the Eighth Sphere, or the plane -2, Do they also embody or is it impossible? I ask it because we know that one can embody being in the plane -1, the plane of Solitude, since we know some cases.
Ruanel: No, there is no impossibility. What happens is that there are spirits so submerged in the pain that they don’t even think on that possibility. The only thing they think is in what they are suffering. They only embody when finally they rise to the plane 2.
Interlocutor: And how did I do to rise from the Eighth Sphere, the place I went after I disembodied as Nero? [2]
Ruanel: As everybody does! That is to say, when the spirit realizes that it’s more important the pain of the other than his own pain.
Interlocutor: Is that enough?
Ruanel: Yes, and when that happens automatically the elevation takes place.
Interlocutor: Could we summon to some spirit who is in the Eighth Sphere to talk to him?
Ruanel: Of course! It would be a very important testimony. This vessel is prepared for an incorporation of this kind, maxime after having channeled to Eon.
Interlocutor: In fact I’m a little bit afraid, because I don't know if I could dialogue calmly with a spirit that is suffering terribly. I fear to destabilize me, not to do it properly and not to be able to help him, because that is our mission after all.
Ruanel: I believe that you are prepared and you will overcome the test. It is a matter of self-confidence.
Interlocutor: Well, I will gather strength.
Ruanel: I leave you because the vessel is very destabilized. I send all my Light to you, all my trust and all my will so that you continue with resolution on the Path you have taken.
Interlocutor: See you later, Master, and thank you.
[1] Many people and New Age movement believe that the silver cord exists, but according to the Master of Light it doesn’t exist, It’s only a metaphor of the connection between the thetan or 90% and the embodied being or 10%
[2] H is the reincarnation of Nero the Roman Emperor.

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